Women, Fertility and Proactive Measures

It’s now (for the most part), a social norm that women should take control of their own fertility. That is, when the issue is about preventing pregnancy. But what about preserving fertility?

More and more women are waiting until later in life to become first time mothers, a choice that gives women the ability to advance their careers, wait until they find the right partner, or decide the time is right to have a child on their own.

But waiting can lead to diminished fertility. Luckily, science has been working to counteract that and provide women a chance at childbearing into their 40’s and 50’s. One key option is for women to freeze their eggs, taking control while they’re biologically in their prime.  While many women are freezing their eggs, there are plenty of barriers, such as cost. The process is not wildly affordable (starting around $10K and upwards). Another? Stigma.

Marketing for birth control products has educated many women and helped them find contraceptive options that best fit their lifestyle. As women continue to delay motherhood, marketers have a similar opportunity to educate women about their fertility options. In doing so, they can enable more options for their future motherhood plans.

Check out this great resource we worked with our client Merck to create, called Fertility Guide, which educates women about fertility and encourages women to talk to a fertility specialist about their options, reminding them that it’s just a conversation.

Image courtesy of Juan Gaertner/Shutterstock