Our Approach

Content connects us more than ever. We get our news and advice from our social feed. We make major life decisions based on ratings and reviews. And we will follow an influencer to the ends of the earth, literally. But for brands, getting attention for their content is harder than ever. We all skip, close, and scroll past ads. And with ad bots and ad blockers – brands are questioning whether their paid content actually reaches anyone.

In today’s world, a video with lots of views or a social post with lots of likes isn’t enough. Content isn’t successful if it doesn’t align to you business objectives and inspire consumers to buy and share the love.

client-leadership-iconReinventing Influence

We are reinventing Influencer Marketing to reflect the vast ecosystem of what drives consumer decisions today. We don’t automate our recommendations and we don’t sell influence by the tweet. We use proprietary data and analytics to identify influencers who reflect your brand and resonate with your audience. Then we craft deep and meaningful influencer partnerships that deliver content that earns its way into consumers’ hearts and minds with a credentialing power no other form of marketing can match.

insight-analytics-iconContent With Purpose

At MMC we are passionate about making every piece of content, from branded videos, influencer programs, and social posts – work as hard as possible to help consumers overcome any obstacles they have to purchase and advocacy.

MMC has a suite of products and services that can make any brand’s stories break through.

Breaking Down Barriers.

Through our proprietary data and analytics approach we dive deep into consumer behavior to understand exactly what is holding them back from falling in love with a brand, and map out a content program that will help move them deeper into the purchase funnel.

Creative Co-Development

Our award winning creative team aligns with popular co-creators to develop content that we know will resonate and be distributed at scale.

Delivery at Scale

We have long-standing partnerships with social networks, publishing platforms and media outlets that we leverage for our clients to secure significant reach to the widest audience possible.

content-strategy-iconA Proven Real-Time Strategy

Right now, there are people raising their hands across social media channel seeking solutions that your brand can provide. RISE (Real-time, Insight-driven, Strategic, Engagement) is a data-driven process that allows brands to engage with people in real-time and add value so they try, buy and love your brand over your competitors. We then amplify this brand love through targeted paid support to create a “surround-sound” of endorsements for your brand that generates impressive results for your business.


Moments That Matter

Your prospects and customers check their smartphones over 150 times per day, providing brands a new way to engage with their audiences and influence their purchase decisions: the micro-moment. But, how do brands engage on this personal device without upsetting them with unwanted advertising? Add value by providing relevant content from influencers they trust in the moments that matter to them. Our proprietary process will help your brand win the micro-moment and drive more consumers to choose your products.