Best Websites for Women

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As experts in marketing to women, we make it a priority to keep our fingers on the pulse of top online destinations.  Where our target audiences consume news and lifestyle information, online and offline, is always top of mind.  So when Forbes recently announced its second annual Top 100 Websites for Women, we were excited to take a peek and see how last year’s sites matched up to this year’s recommendations.

While we were happy to see many of our favorite sites on the list, such as CafeMom, Divine Caroline, PopSugar, SheKnows and, we couldn’t help but notice a few online content creators that we felt may have been overlooked.

Here’s our abbreviated list of websites that we think Forbes should keep on its radar for consideration next year. Thanks to our colleagues and friends on Twitter for sharing their top reads with us.

  • Mom Generations – A “hip” destination for moms that we love, because it includes content from the perspective of a dynamic mother/daughter(s) team.  We’re doubly excited for Audrey’s upcoming book release, “The Digital Mom Handbook,” co-written by Colleen Padilla.
  • Latina on a Mission – She’s one of the top Hispanic female parenting influencers on the web and recently served as one of Merck’s Go Red for Women Ambassadors. In general, we felt Forbes left off the multi-cultural niche from their list. While we’re on the topic, Afrobella is another site we love to read but wasn’t included.
  • Hello Giggles – We can’t get enough of this site described as “the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females.”  It doesn’t hurt that one of its founders is actress/musician Zooey Deschanel.
  • Kaboodle – A social shopping community where a combination of editors and readers share and discuss the latest products spanning fashion, beauty and home.
  • myGloss – This lifestyle site boasts nine niche categories of smart, practical content which includes parenting, food, environment, fashion/beauty, entertainment, technology, health/fitness and pets.
  • ModernMom – Brooke Burke-backed ModernMom is an online magazine providing rich information related to all areas of a mom’s busy life.
  • Refinery29 – You can totally argue that this outlet reaches men as well, and we’ll agree that it does, but with the bulk of beauty, fashion and female-focused trend information, this site definitely skews toward female consumers.

We were also surprised to see a few of our beloved sites who were included in last year’s list not featured this year (Betty Confidential, Glam, SheFinds/MomFinds).  We’ll be pulling for them when next year’s list comes out!

Who do you feel should have made the list?