Video Views on Facebook are Exploding

In remarks made during Wednesday’s quarterly earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an interesting statistic related to the growth of video on his platform. Per Zuck, the Network is now generating more than 3 billion views per day. To put things into perspective, that’s up from the 1 billion views he reported in September.


There’s no denying that Facebook is quickly becoming a threat to YouTube, and today’s news – which claims a tripling of views these past three months – only underscores that fact. While Zuck hasn’t directly stated his desire to dethrone YouTube,  he did emphasize his company’s interest in the format as a “sign of the times.” Five years ago, he made a similar assertion regarding photos… and where are we now?


As Facebook continues to find new ways to satisfy the Street, it’s clear that revenue attached to video advertising fits nicely into the Network’s long-term plan. COO Sheryl Sandberg has repeatedly shared her views on that topic, citing Autoplay and algorithmic changes that favor video as steps in the right direction.


For us, this is a development that bears watching closely. The uptick in activity will soon require more than simply uploading our clips to our Brand Pages.