The Next Trendy Agency Title:
Data Whisperer

By: Edwin Endlich, SVP, Content Strategy


2016 MMC at SXSWAt one of the opening sessions at SXSW, Doug Lenat, CEO of Cycorp stated that “If the interpretation of your data, is ANOTHER spreadsheet, there’s a problem.” I agree that the future of data, is going to be in the rise of the interpreter, the “Data Whisperer” – someone who can see the patterns in the numbers, and be able to articulate in a compelling and dynamic way – what that data is saying. And that isn’t going to be in Excel, PowerPoint, or any other software – it is going to be in-person, face to face – telling a story that pulls clients in, gets them believing and gets them to act.

Data is so prevalent in marketing today, it informs our strategies, our creative, and of course, our success metrics. Now, more than ever – data scientists and analysts need to partner with writers and artists to better craft the story of the data, and deliver a engaging story of how that analysis is impacting business, and what opportunities there are. The agencies that deliver that level of thoughtfulness into their data stories, are poised to shake up who will lead for their clients.

Edwin is an expert in forecasting digital trends and crafting strategies to use social media, branded content and mobile platforms. He leads digital campaigns that deliver true business value for brands. Edwin draws upon his creative and strategy experience from prior roles in advertising and television to bring big ideas to life across channels.

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