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A Friendly Reminder to be Insta-Smart about Insta-Posting

Axelle Despiegelaere world cup model

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

In 2014, “overnight-sensations” have evolved to “insta-sensations” thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… the list goes on. “Insta-sensations” can also instantly disappear as we saw just a few hours ago with photogenic Belgian teen, Axelle Despiegelaere. (Business Insider)

Just this past Tuesday, Despiegelaere was offered a contract with L’Oreal after photos of her gorgeous locks went viral at the World Cup. L’Oreal had already released a promotional “hair tutorial” video starring Despiegelaere (which has already gained 2 million news). Today (Friday… a mere 3 days later), Despiegelaere “completed” her contract with L’Oreal after Despiegelaere’s social media history revealed her past interest in hunting which of course conflicts with L’Oreal’s beliefs in no animal testing.

As brand marketers in this “always on” digital age, the idea of crowd sourcing a new brand ambassador stood out as a smart move. At the same time, moving so quickly on such a partnership didn’t leave much time for background checks on Despiegelaere (or anyone for that matter!) to ensure she embodied all that L’Oreal stands for as a leading beauty company. For Despiegelaere and consumers around the world as well as brand marketers such as ourselves, it is a friendly reminder that we need to be mindful of what we’re posting on our social media channels… because anyone and EVERYONE can see it.

At MMC, it’s part of our job to create smart social media guidelines for our brands and their spokespersons (which we always keep in mind for ourselves as well), so here’s what you need to remember – whether you’re a major brand or a college student looking for an internship the next time you post to social media:

  • Do post engaging content; don’t post objectionable content (definitions of objectionable content vary by subject). Whatever your passions might be (in the case of Despiegelaere, she’s a fan of hunting), you should embrace them in your personal time. However, be mindful of posting as your boss or other influentials could be watching and taking note of those actions. As for brands, anything that might irritate your community or rub them the wrong way should be avoided. (Mashable)
  • Do share; just don’t solely rely on privacy settings. Your profile’s private? Great! What is it exactly “private” from? There’s so many nuances to privacy settings these days. Unless you’re 100% certain that what you’re posting is private (because you want to keep it private), keep it private and offline. Brands don’t have the luxury of “private” pages and therefore, must always feel great about the content they’re putting out there. (Mashable)
  • Don’t think you’re not an influencer; everyone can be an influencer. How you show up in real life is just as important as how you show up on social media. One of the top rules of social media is to understand everyone is an influencer. Despiegelaere had great hair at the World Cup and was recognized for it. (PR Daily)

As more social-sharing apps and sites pop up, providing more ways to share, get noticed and go viral, it’s important to remember the basics of social media. You never know, your great hair could land you a spokesperson deal.

MMC and U by Kotex Help Save the Undies

ASH_0960Image Courtesy of U by Kotex

Millions of pairs of undies are casualties to failed period protection every month. To help fight senseless underwear loss, U by Kotex has introduced 3D Capture Core to all its ultra thin pads to help stop leaks.

To showcase new 3D Capture Core, MMC and U by Kotex hosted a media event at a top lingerie boutique in SoHo. A U by Kotex representative explained how 3D Capture Core works and the store’s lead merchandiser shared underwear care tips and tricks. Media stopped by a nearby U by Kotex Undies Activist event, where U by Kotex brand ambassadors encouraged women to Save the Undies by educating them about the new 3D Capture Core technology.

Read more about U by Kotex brand’s mission to Save the Undies on MediaPost Marketing Daily and see some great social posts from the launch event here: Honestly Jamie, Entertainista, and Cosmo for Latinas. You can also check more of the online buzz with the hashtag #SaveTheUndies and visit for more information.

MMC Summer Travel Pinterest Board


From Hong Kong to Kauai, MMCers are traveling all around the globe this summer. We asked MMCers to share their travel plans with us and pinned them onto an MMC Summer Travel Pinterest Board! If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or exotic big trip, we have plenty of destinations that will make you want to pack your bags or sneak into MMCers’ suitcases. Do you have the travel bug? Tell us where you are headed this summer.

Leaked Info from Google Confirms Earned Media’s Impact on Search Rankings

googleSEO (2)Image Courtesy of Google

In response to a recent patent filing by Google, a number of online influencers (okay, Search-nerds!) are talking about something we already knew: earned media has a definite impact on organic search rankings.

Like most platform-owners, Google is usually tight-lipped when it comes to the inner mechanics of their algorithm. In the filing, however, a bit of the mystery is revealed: not unlike Facebook, their engine favors high- over low-quality sites. Anytime a brand (or company) is featured in a story on high-quality site, Google counts it as an “implied link.” The more links, the better the ranking.

Reacting to what many are calling an “inadvertent leak,” one watcher stated that “this single-handedly validates all of the PR that you’ve generated for your brand, all of the mentions and citations that you’ve accrued through hard work, great products and reputation, and effective public relations, even if you didn’t necessarily get an explicit link in the coverage.”

In short, PR is the new SEO.

So, if Google views media placements as “implied links,” how do we know whether or not the mentions we’ve secured through “earned” are having an impact? For site owners, there are number of tools that can provide the answer, the simplest (and most common) of which is Google Analytics.

If you’d like to see how many links point to a particular website, or if you’d just like to give Google’s algorithm a kick, try this hack: enter “” into the search bar (minus the quotes, and obviously more descriptive than “site name”) and hit enter.

For Inspiration: Rockstar Campaigns

We’ve been keeping an eye on industry campaigns, and to help get juices flowing for the week, we’ve selected some “Rockstar Campaigns” to share:

To celebrate the launch of their new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell (Ad Age’s 2013 Marketer of the Year) took to Snapchat where, by stringing together a series of videos, they created a short film (in real-time!) about an overworked employee whose boss tasks him with hunting down one of the elusive food objects. Launched in conjunction with a new ad campaign that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards, the film marked a first for Snapchat (for its length) and leverages a feature – called “Stories” – that extends the shelf-life of a Snapchat video to 24-hours… more here.

Last week, we shared a frightening little tidbit from our friends over at General Mills: in case you missed it, the company had quietly updated their privacy policies to suggest that anyone who “liked” one of their brands, entered into one of their contests or downloaded one of their coupons gave up their right to sue in the event of a mishap. As of this writing, General Mills has abandoned that plan, causing a number of brands, agencies and consumers to breathe just a little bit easier… more here.

Self-proclaimed experts in “ick,” the Clorox Company recently held their first-ever “Ick Awards,” a improv-comedy event – hosted by SNL alum, Rachel Dratch – that celebrated the moments parents share about the messes their children create. To be considered for an award, Clorox asked Twitter users to submit “funny stories from parenthood” with the hashtag #Ickies. Members of The Second City theater group reenacted the moments in a series of videos for categories like #ShowdownMess and #EpicMess. in all, the event spawned 34 videos and 500 interactions with consumers… more here.

Vine Introduces Vine Messages

WINEImage Courtesy of Vine

In case you missed it, Vine has just pushed a rather interesting update that introduces a new feature – Vine Messages – to their platform.

In a nutshell, Vine Messages (or VMs) enables video conversations – one-to-one or one-to-many – with other Vine users. The option can be found in the app’s navigation menu: to send a VM, simply go to the “Messages” screen or tap the “Message” button on a user profile – it’s that simple.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

VMs aren’t limited to one’s Vine contacts: anyone can send a VM to anyone via email or SMS, even if they’re not part of the Vine community. Seems like an interesting way to engage our followers, crowdsource feedback, invite non-Vine users to connect, etc.

On the flip-side, having the service “open to all” could have darker implications… something to keep an eye on for sure.

Social Networking Activity: Mobile vs. Desktop

Based on a recent study conducted by comScore, we can add Social Media to the list of activities that are moving from our desktops to our devices.

More than two-thirds of the time users spend on the Facebook can be attributed to mobile devices, according to the survey. For Twitter, more than 85%. Activity on image-heavy platforms (like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr) is also happening on mobile, while LinkedIn is largely “desktop.”

Some great data points to keep in mind.

social networkChart courtesy of: Statista



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