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Video Views on Facebook are Exploding

In remarks made during Wednesday’s quarterly earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an interesting statistic related to the growth of video on his platform. Per Zuck, the Network is now generating more than 3 billion views per day. To put things into perspective, that’s up from the 1 billion views he reported in September.


There’s no denying that Facebook is quickly becoming a threat to YouTube, and today’s news – which claims a tripling of views these past three months – only underscores that fact. While Zuck hasn’t directly stated his desire to dethrone YouTube,  he did emphasize his company’s interest in the format as a “sign of the times.” Five years ago, he made a similar assertion regarding photos… and where are we now?


As Facebook continues to find new ways to satisfy the Street, it’s clear that revenue attached to video advertising fits nicely into the Network’s long-term plan. COO Sheryl Sandberg has repeatedly shared her views on that topic, citing Autoplay and algorithmic changes that favor video as steps in the right direction.


For us, this is a development that bears watching closely. The uptick in activity will soon require more than simply uploading our clips to our Brand Pages.

MMC Scores Three PRNews Awards for Clients and is Named a Top Place to Work in PR


MMC has again been named a  Top Place to Work in PR by PRNews.  In its article about the agency, PRNews called out how MMC has worked to differentiate the agency, “by creating the kind of culture that allows world-class talent to excel.”

MMC also was honored with three PRNews Platinum awards in social media and for global work on P&G with Omnicom partner Ketchum.  The three awards:

  • Facebook:  Merck for Mothers Facebook page
  • Twitter:  Secret #FearlessNyad sponsorship of Diana Nyad’s epic Cuba to Florida swim
  • Global (with Ketchum): P&G “Thank You Mom” sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics

The agency received five honorable mention awards for Cause-Related Marketing (U by Kotex), Employee Relations (MMC for a Cause program), Event Marketing (Gillette Venus), Influencer Communications (U by Kotex) and Social Media (Head & Shoulders).

MMC’s Kim Stokes one of “top measurement experts” interviewed by BurrelesLuce

kim stokes

Kim Stokes, MMC’s Deputy Director of Digital Integration was one of the “top measurement experts” interviewed by BurrelesLuce to get her take on measurement dos and don’ts.

When asked when she realized that her career was becoming measurement-focused, she recalled an “aha” moment: “I conducted a conversation landscape analysis on behalf of a client which revealed such a telling nuance in the organic conversation that they changed their whole marketing strategy around a specific product.”

And her most important piece of measurement advice? “Don’t use measurement just to measure results – measure all the time, particularly in advance of planning and then to course correct along the way.”

To which we can only add, “well said, Kim!”

You can read the full article here.

How the #IceBucketChallenge is a Game-changer for Cause Awareness

today show ice bucket challengeImage Courtesy

In the last week, chances are someone you know has dumped a bucket of ice over their head to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). But a week ago you may not have even known what ALS was. This viral initiative has dared hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions — of regular folks as well as many high profile people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Fallon, the entire New England Patriots football team and Ethel Kennedy to douse themselves with ice water and generated millions of media impressions. Coverage has included leading broadcast and online outlets – even a live on-air accepted challenge from The TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer.

The #IceBucketChallenge was not propelled into the spotlight with the help of a recognizable pharmaceutical company or celebrity endorsement. Rather, the celebrity falls to regular people and patients like 29-year-old Pete Frates, who set the wheels in motion with his own challenge to a few friends and favorite athletes. The rest is history (or on your Facebook newsfeed).

This movement is not without controversy; with many questioning whether participants are only accepting the challenge to be part of the trend. The true test of the #IceBucketChallenge and viral campaigns like it is whether it can span beyond raising awareness and convert social posts to dollar signs for research and truly #StrikeOutALS. According to a recent interview with PRWeek, there have been a flood of donations to, with $5.7M being raised in the last two weeks alone.

Campaigns like this provide inspiration for other diseases that lack a recognizable celebrity advocate, including multiple sclerosis, lupus and mental illnesses. Parkinson ’s disease, for example, has benefitted from high awareness and research funding because of Michael J. Fox’s goal of eliminating the disease “in our lifetime.” The #IceBucketChallenge proved that you don’t need a recognizable face to attract awareness and funding. You just need a great idea that goes viral. #nopressure.


The Non-Traditional World of Teens

Youtube Panel (2)Image Courtesy of

Is the word traditional losing all of its vigor? Gone (well, almost) are the days when you look for recipes in a cookbook (hello Pinterest), find out breaking news from television (Twitter will alert you first) and learn how to French braid or tie a tie from a book (YouTube all the way). The online space has continued to make it easier to find everything you need, answer every question and complete every thought, so it’s no wonder online stars are starting to replace movie and TV stars as the new celebrities, especially for teenagers.

Variety recently commissioned a survey to find out the most recognizable “stars” among Americans age 13-18, and the top five are all YouTube favorites. The highest ranking was comedy duo Smosh, who have an impressive 18+ million subscribers. YouTube stars scored highest in influence as they are viewed as more engaging and relatable. More importantly, YouTube stars have the highest correlation to purchase influence among teens. This is especially important for mass brands, since according to a 2013 Business Insider survey, more than two-thirds of teenage girls said they shop at low-cost stores, as do 55 percent of boys. And while they may not be spending a lot of money on one product, they are spending, and spending a lot. A 2013 Fox on Stocks article reports, “Approximately 30+ million teens across the U.S. will spend between $200 billion – $300 billion.” And spending will only increase as this set of teens ages, further elevating YouTube stars as media powerhouses.

Mainstream celebrities need not be alarmed just yet; they still have some clout. Variety reports that they are viewed as smarter, more reliable and just as sexy; but more and more, teens want someone they feel they can relate to for an authentic and intimate experience.So next time you want to tap teens, tap into YouTube first so you can truly become one with your target audience.

The Rise of Subscription-Based TV Supports Increase in Digital Marketing

Netflix Image

Netflix recently announced it has surpassed 50 million subscribers globally and according to AdWeek, is projecting growth of over three million more subscribers next quarter. This will come as no surprise to many, especially “House of Cards” fans or those infatuated with the “Orange is the New Black” craze (myself included). With many consumers, especially Millennials, eschewing TV for subscription-based entertainment services like Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Prime where they can “binge watch” at their leisure without commercials, marketers are continuing to put more of a focus on digital media to reach this growing audience.

Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt recently predicted that the “future of TV will see the unbundling of cable packages, more personalization of content and an end to TV commercials as we know them.” Additionally, the cable upfront ad market is estimated to be down 5% this year, possibly due to brands shifting their dollars to digital media. As a result, brands are thinking strategically about how Millennials in particular are consuming media and adjusting their marketing dollars as such to keep up with this influential audience who is growing rapidly.

We’re seeing this come to life with own our brands by building digital content into programs, whether it be video for YouTube, imagery for Pinterest and :15 clips for Instagram. We’re not only creating digitally-friendly content, but developing it with the understanding that this audience prefers to consume content where (on the train, in their homes), when (morning, middle of the night), and how (mobile devices, laptop computers) they like. The benefit of digital is that one piece of content can be customized to fit different channels, amplified by strategic PR in addition to paid support, to reach as many people as possible.

We’ve been monitoring to this growing trend for several years now, and expect to see the demand for entirely digitally-led programs to continue to rise.


A Friendly Reminder to be Insta-Smart about Insta-Posting

Axelle Despiegelaere world cup model

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

In 2014, “overnight-sensations” have evolved to “insta-sensations” thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… the list goes on. “Insta-sensations” can also instantly disappear as we saw just a few hours ago with photogenic Belgian teen, Axelle Despiegelaere. (Business Insider)

Just this past Tuesday, Despiegelaere was offered a contract with L’Oreal after photos of her gorgeous locks went viral at the World Cup. L’Oreal had already released a promotional “hair tutorial” video starring Despiegelaere (which has already gained 2 million news). Today (Friday… a mere 3 days later), Despiegelaere “completed” her contract with L’Oreal after Despiegelaere’s social media history revealed her past interest in hunting which of course conflicts with L’Oreal’s beliefs in no animal testing.

As brand marketers in this “always on” digital age, the idea of crowd sourcing a new brand ambassador stood out as a smart move. At the same time, moving so quickly on such a partnership didn’t leave much time for background checks on Despiegelaere (or anyone for that matter!) to ensure she embodied all that L’Oreal stands for as a leading beauty company. For Despiegelaere and consumers around the world as well as brand marketers such as ourselves, it is a friendly reminder that we need to be mindful of what we’re posting on our social media channels… because anyone and EVERYONE can see it.

At MMC, it’s part of our job to create smart social media guidelines for our brands and their spokespersons (which we always keep in mind for ourselves as well), so here’s what you need to remember – whether you’re a major brand or a college student looking for an internship the next time you post to social media:

  • Do post engaging content; don’t post objectionable content (definitions of objectionable content vary by subject). Whatever your passions might be (in the case of Despiegelaere, she’s a fan of hunting), you should embrace them in your personal time. However, be mindful of posting as your boss or other influentials could be watching and taking note of those actions. As for brands, anything that might irritate your community or rub them the wrong way should be avoided. (Mashable)
  • Do share; just don’t solely rely on privacy settings. Your profile’s private? Great! What is it exactly “private” from? There’s so many nuances to privacy settings these days. Unless you’re 100% certain that what you’re posting is private (because you want to keep it private), keep it private and offline. Brands don’t have the luxury of “private” pages and therefore, must always feel great about the content they’re putting out there. (Mashable)
  • Don’t think you’re not an influencer; everyone can be an influencer. How you show up in real life is just as important as how you show up on social media. One of the top rules of social media is to understand everyone is an influencer. Despiegelaere had great hair at the World Cup and was recognized for it. (PR Daily)

As more social-sharing apps and sites pop up, providing more ways to share, get noticed and go viral, it’s important to remember the basics of social media. You never know, your great hair could land you a spokesperson deal.



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