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MMC’s Kim Stokes one of “top measurement experts” interviewed by BurrelesLuce

kim stokes

Kim Stokes, MMC’s Deputy Director of Digital Integration was one of the “top measurement experts” interviewed by BurrelesLuce to get her take on measurement dos and don’ts.

When asked when she realized that her career was becoming measurement-focused, she recalled an “aha” moment: “I conducted a conversation landscape analysis on behalf of a client which revealed such a telling nuance in the organic conversation that they changed their whole marketing strategy around a specific product.”

And her most important piece of measurement advice? “Don’t use measurement just to measure results – measure all the time, particularly in advance of planning and then to course correct along the way.”

To which we can only add, “well said, Kim!”

You can read the full article here.

7 Things Every Intern at MMC Knows To Be True

MMC Intern Blog

1. Your most essential work accessory: The Notebook


Not just our favorite chick flick, but also our MMC ‘bible.’ Attention to detail makes your work stand out – so take notes wherever you go.  Whether you’re writing a reminder to use green tissue paper with a product request or getting the right information to write a pitch, every detail matters! 

2. Prioritize your to-do list CAMI As a PR professional working on multiple accounts and the intern project, your to-do list will help you stay on task and organized. It’s also important to prioritize the items on your to-do list, as they change daily! 

3. Ask questions! qs Your supervisor and your team are your support system. No question is off limits, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

4. Spot #trends SHAINA In addition to monitoring for your account, take the initiative to spot what’s #trending for clients. Identify relevant trends and suggest how your client can use them to their advantage. 

5. Get involved at MMC! baing We got involved with MMC’s cause related initiative, She’s The First, raising money for the organization through a jewelry sale, manicures in the office, and selling cupcake grams (yes, we channeled our inner Martha Stewart to bake 300 cupcakes). 

6. Mix & mingle while you smile and shine BLOG While your account work and the intern project are your priority, take the time to network with the talented professionals at MMC. Not only will you foster new relationships, but learning from others’ experiences might help you determine where your passions lie!

7. The Intern Project: a unique opportunity ALL There’s no better time to step out of your comfort zone and unleash all your creative ideas. This is the most challenging yet rewarding part of the internship program, so give it all you’ve got. Not only will you learn what goes on behind a new campaign proposal, you’ll also learn the importance of storytelling – an essential at MMC!

MMC’s 2014 Interns: Shaina Cooper, Shannon Coy, Jeanine Guzman, Ali Forero, Suvesha Ramaswamy, Bria Rooney, Camilia Oriol, Puja Shah, Joanna Sheldon, Maddie Spagnola and Tori Stewart

It’s a Family Affair for Head & Shoulders and Sofia Vergara

HASImage Courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Want to know the secret to Sofia Vergara’s fabulous hair?  Head & Shoulders.  A shampoo that Sofia and her entire family have used for generations.  In fact, 8 out of 9 Vergaras use H&S. So if you had the chance to work with just one Vergara or the whole family of Vergaras, what would you do?  MMC recommended the brand sign the whole family to bring the partnership to life in a unique and authentic way.

To officially launch the campaign, Sofia was joined by her son Manolo and niece Claudia on “Good Morning America” on Monday. Noting that this was the first campaign she’s done with her family, Sofia shared how all of the Vergaras use Head & Shoulders and highlights that the campaign was one of the most fun things she’s done this year.  GMA also featured exclusive behind-the-scenes b-roll footage from the TV shoot and final commercial spot ran. The segment can be viewed here.

Sofia also conducted interviews with several national women’s magazines including InStyle, Shape and Redbook to name a few.  Visit the Head & Shoulders Facebook Page for more information on what Sofia and her family are up to this season

MMC’s Holiday Cause Programs Featured in PRWeek

 MMC for a Cause and its holiday initiatives were featured by PRWeek as part of its “12+ Ways of Giving Back” feature series. This year, MMC is supporting Covenant House, Toys for Tots and New York Cares through toy and coat drives. Since 2007, MMC has been giving back through a variety of programs including creating journal kits for hospitalized children and revitalizing a local elementary school. Read more about MMC for a Cause here.

MMC Coordinates The Ellen Show Segment on Behind-the-Scenes Footage of New COVERGIRL Commercial

Watch The Ellen Show today to get a look at the behind-the-scenes action captured at the recent COVERGIRL commercial shoot starring COVERGIRLs Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara. MMC worked with the show to coordinate the segment, previewing the commercial, which launches in January, along with a new product.


If you can’t wait until the show airs, click here to see the two funny ladies in action on set.

Dye-ing to Know Your Hair Color Alter Ego? Clairol Has the Answer!

MMC is supporting Clairol’s new Facebook “Alter-Ego” tab, which is now live through the end of December, by sharing the news with leading online influencers around the country. The program centers on unleashing the hair color you were meant to have and showing consumers how to achieve that shade with the Clairol Try It On Studio, an interactive digital makeover tool. Online influencers had the opportunity to interview Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson  and preview their hair color alter-ego with the help of the Try It On Studio. Marie also discussed the proper way to make that shade change at home with Clairol products. Online influencers including Mom Generations and Beautiful Makeup Search have tried the tool and shared their experience with readers.

Five for Friday

Image courtesy of Facebook

In this week’s edition of Five for Friday, we’re switching things up and focusing on the biggest news of the week – the changes to Facebook’s platform known as f8.  What follows is MMC’s five key takeaways for marketers on how these changes will affect social media marketing strategy for our clients on Facebook moving forward.

The Open What?: The introduction of Open Graph, an app development platform that aims to give users frictionless experiences, real-time serendipity and pattern identification, brings the notion of being seamlessly social to a completely different level. These apps no longer interrupt the user flow with pop ups asking permission to share every time you used them. Rather, a one-time permission acceptance allows these apps to publish all content on your timeline each time you take an action. This means that once you allow Spotify, Hulu or YahooNews, for example, access to your profile they will seamlessly update your activities every time you read, watch or listen to content. These new apps come with the action verbs “read,” “listen” and “watch” adding a new dimension to social activity.

This gives users more ways to connect through the platform by finding common music, movie, TV, cooking, running et c. interests. Third party app development also allows for additions of new action verbs, with endless possibilities, from “ate,” to “bought” to “reviewed,” etc. Questions you should be asking yourself right now as you adjust your strategy — how are my consumers using my products or services and how can I leverage brand fans to market to their peers for me? While many observers have raised privacy concerns in the past 24 hours, these apps will deliver a huge value to marketers by allowing Facebook to gather incredibly rich data on consumers. This will allow brands to target ads to consumers with almost unimaginable specificity. Imagine your target down to where she shops, what shows she watches on TV, what music she listens to and you can serve ads to EXACTLY that person.

A New Newsfeed: There is no longer the choice to toggle back and forth between “Top News” and “Most Recent” views in the newsfeed. Instead users see a single feed which displays a combination of “most recent” and “top news”. The ratio of “top news” to “most recent” is determined by how often a person logs onto their feed. The intent is to update users on potentially important posts they may have missed while away and conversely to allow those who come back often to see the latest. While Facebook has privately confirmed to us that posts will still be elevated into Top Stories based largely on engagement, it is still unclear whether Top Stories will play the same critical factor that it did when it was the newsfeed default setting.  We’ll be doing some deep analysis this week to see whether the new format results in more or less engagement with users and a greater or fewer number of impressions…so stay tuned!

  • Success Looks Different: With Facebook slated to roll out new insights and metrics in the coming weeks that will provide new specificity around how many people’s newsfeeds your brand appears in, evaluating success will continue to move away from fan quantity metrics and move towards the quality of engagement and the actual number of users reached. Adoption of this form of measurement by brands should cause a migration away from engagement ads meant to aid fan acquisition and put a greater focus on ad units like “sponsored stories” which are designed to allow individual posts to reach more people.

Additionally, a HUGE added plus to these changes are that Open Graph apps come with a custom set of insights which will tell brand admins who the true story tellers are for their brands. The extensive amount of activity captured in the Open Graph will lead to the ability to hyper target brand advocates and isolate them to take action to an extent a brand once only dreamed of.

  • Maximizing Advertising Funds: Increased analytics, as noted above, will naturally lead into new capabilities for buying advertising and implementing an integrated paid model.  Psychographic information and category preferences will be easier to pinpoint.  Facebook will be able to capture such a stunning amount of detail about people through their activity that marketers will be able to target their ACTUAL consumers across multiple criteria. Along with a new emphasis on  “sponsored stories”, Facebook ads will excel in spreading a brand’s individual message to an increasing specific target.
  • The Only Constant is Change: One thing’s for sure, brands need to exercise the art of being nimble enough to course correct for whatever changes Facebook makes and figure out what elements of engagement provide the most value. As always a combination of research, software aided analysis, and observation of large numbers of users actual experience on the platform will inform our ever evolving best practices.  This is not the first time Facebook has unveiled changes and it surely is not the last. So stay tuned for more on how brands can win with the new format!



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