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MMC’s Nancy Lowman LaBadie Speaks to Marketing Daily About Rise in Feminine Power Marketing Campaigns

Nancy Nancy Lowman LaBadie

Nancy Lowman LaBadie, EVP of MMC’s Consumer Practice, is quoted in a Marketing Daily story about campaigns that feature strong women.

In the story, LaBadie notes that the revitalization of conversations about feminism has been re-energized since Sheryl Sandberg published Lean In last year:

“Brands are looking to empower women more, and create a stronger emotional connection.” And while those messages appeal to women in every demographic, they’ve inspired many Gen Y women to share them. Pantene is a great example, she says, “not just because the message of empowerment fits so well with its strength and shine positioning, but because there is a real call to action, to challenge yourself and others not to apologize as frequently.”

She also notes that the feminism message appeals to Millennials because “Young women are wondering how they can move into roles with more leadership.”

For more about this topic, you can read the story here.

Most Popular Campaigns That Went Viral in 2013 Played on These Three Emotions

If you take a look at the most viewed, liked or shared digital and social content from last year, you’ll notice a common theme. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the content tended to be uplifting, amusing or touching tapping into viewers’ three very different but deepest emotions.

Some of the best examples include:


  • In Toyota’s “Wish Granted” video, The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco grants people the wishes they desire to show the RAV4′s ability to realize everyone in the family’s wishes.
  • American Express’ Passion Project allows individuals to enter their passion project for the chance to win $2,000 toward that goal to reflect American Express’ ability to help you pursue your passion.


  • In its video, Kmart tell customers, “you can ship your pants” (or bed, or drawers) for free to  promote a service that provides shoppers with free shipping for products.
  • In honor of April Fool’s, SCOPE pretends to launch a new bacon mouthwash to make mouthwash a little more fun (although some fans ended up being truly disappointed that this line doesn’t really exist).


  • Dove’s real beauty sketches show women that they are more beautiful than they think they are – reaching its audience on a personal level that is universally understood.
  • Cartier asks its audience how far they would go for love to launch its “love” collection – also reaching its audience on a personal level that is universally understood.

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The Secret team launches new Secret Clinical Strength Collection with The Moth storytellers

Image courtesy of Kate Lord
Divinely confident: Our own Nicole Kaldes braves the Secret Moth stage

Wednesday night, the MMC Secret team hosted an intimate evening for media guests to launch the brand’s newest innovations for personalized Clinical Strength protection: Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid and Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel, two category-firsts, giving women 100% odor protection for 100% confidence, guaranteed.

The experience immersed short-lead media influencers in women’s journeys to 100% confidence through the live performance of true life confidence narratives, as told by three fearless female storytellers from the renowned storytelling group The Moth.

The themes of confidence and fearlessness shined through each uniquely captivating story, after which the media were encouraged to conquer their fear, and potential stress sweat, by sharing their own confidence story. MMC’s own Nicole Kaldes demonstrated her #BeFearless attitude and took to the mic to tell a personal high school story that was met with laughter and applause from the audience.

Media attendees shared photos throughout the night on Twitter and Instagram and left feeling confident and inspired by the experience.

For more information on the Secret Clinical Strength Collection, or to get your hands on one before they hit stores, visit: and learn about upcoming events from The Moth here:

Wondering What the Government Shutdown Means for FDA Drug Regulation?

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Following this week’s shutdown of the federal government, the media have been quick to report on the impact on various government functions. One topic has been glaringly absent from most coverage: FDA drug regulation. PharmExec reports that CDER will not accept any new applications that have fees attached – including new drug applications – until there is an official fiscal year 2014 appropriation or a continuing resolution.

A spokesman from CDER did not mention whether or not there will be a delay to products already accepted for review. However, the FDA notes that it will continue activities funded by carryover user fee balances under various acts, including PDUFA.

EyeOnFDA reports that the FDA Press Office is minimally staffed and will continue to issue press releases on Agency actions funded by user fees.

MMC will be keeping a close eye on updates and their implications.

What We Learned From Our Summer Internship

Image courtesy of Marina Maher Communications LLC

Friday was the last day of MMC’s Summer Internship program.  Some interns are headed back to school but four are staying on at the agency in account positions.  Before we move on to our various new opportunities, we wanted to pass along some of our best tips garnered from our day-to-day public relations work, developing a PR program and working in an agency setting.

  • Be creative: To make your product stand out with the media, always think of fresh ways to reach media as well as fresh angles to pitch stories.
  • Be proactive! Whether it’s sending a coworker a placement about their client, following an industry trend, or just bringing the right materials to a meeting, learning to think and plan ahead will help make you an invaluable member of your team.
  • Ask questions! Never be afraid to make suggestions and to ask for clarification if you have doubts. Your supervisor will appreciate your drive, thoughtfulness and desire to complete assignments accurately the first time.
  • Never stop learning. Working in digital is all about staying relevant. You have to know what’s going on across every sector. Reach out to other teams to see how they operate. Never limit yourself. Be curious, ask questions, and don’t be shy about taking on a new project. There is so much to learn!
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Some of the best ideas come from the craziest suggestions! Don’t be afraid to step up and share your ideas, or to take the initiative on a project.
  • Always support your team! In team meetings, or when working on important projects—every member is crucial and everyone has something to contribute. Recognize others for the work they do. Only by working together can a team truly succeed—and excel!
  • Foster relationships – There are amazingly talented people at MMC. Make sure to keep these connections and take advantage of every networking opportunity. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine!


Disclose Or Be Exposed: Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

For many decades, it’s been common practice to engage celebrities, experts and others to credential brands.  The process is pretty cut and dry.  Experts or celebrities are positioned to media and consumers as paid spokespeople.  But today, the process is a little more complicated.  When brand marketers engage experts just to use their personal social media channels to spread brand messages, how will target audiences know if they are being compensated for that tweet or post?  Some of these experts and celebrities don’t routinely disclose their brand relationship.  And that’s when they, the brand and its agencies risk hearing from the Federal Trade Commission.  

The FTC’s updated Dot Com Disclosures, emphasize that “consumer protection laws apply equally across all mediums,” from traditional channels like television, radio or print to newer forms like desktops, laptops, and now, mobile. Worth noting is that these rules don’t just apply to bloggers and other Social Media content creators; they also affect socially-active spokespeople whose every status update, tweet, shortened URL, uploaded image and @reply  is being monitored. This means that brands that pay others to “speak” on their behalf must insist that those parties disclose their connections. The FTC has stated publicly it is “cracking down” and companies that don’t comply can incur stiff penalties —  in the neighborhood of $12,500 for the first offense and exponentially more for subsequent offenses.  Not complying risks damaging company and brand reputations as well as those of the agencies involved.

To ensure compliance with the guidelines, here are some tips for “clear and conspicuous” disclosure:

  • In situations where money or goods have changed hands, stipulate that all third-parties include statements of disclosure when they use personal social media channels to promote products or services. Some best practices include opening blog posts (or video segments) with “I received X from Y,” and placing “Ad” or “Sponsored” at the beginning of a status update or tweet.
  • When sponsoring an online event – like a Twitter party, Google+ Hangout or Facebook chat – encourage hosts and channel owners to kick off the festivities with statements of disclosure and ask that they repeat them as often as necessary. Never assume that an audience has been “on” from the onset.
  • When working with vloggers, make sure they incorporate statements of disclosure into their scripts as well as their landing pages. This same rule also applies to audio reviews (podcasts).
  • When activating partners and advocates, build “compliance” into contracts and recommend that they use understandable language, clearly placed, to avoid confusion. “Clear and conspicuous” should be just that!

We are responsible for protecting the reputations of our brands and anyone who acts on their behalf. While the FTC updates aren’t actual laws, they are designed to provide a more open and honest consumer experience – and in the end, isn’t that what every brand wants?


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Optimizing Your Press Release

Approximately 2,000 press releases are distributed daily. So how can you prevent yours from getting lost in the mix?

This infographic offers some suggestions, including the following:

  • Limit your headline to 65 to 85 characters
  • Use the keywords your target audience uses
  • Move up the most important information – the main message and keywords
  • Link to one or two priority websites, such as the company, product, or campaign site
  • Be clear and concise, as always

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