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Happy 10th Birthday to Facebook!

Do you remember when Facebook was called TheFacebook?  The platform celebrates its 10th year anniversary this February.

It’s had a bumpy ride but continues to dominate the social media space despite competition from other social and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and SnapChat.

“With 1.23 billion active monthly users as of December 31st, and recent revenues highlighting growth, [Facebook] looks set to continue its dominance for some time yet,” says The Drum. And it remains a critical destination for social marketing.

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Most Popular Campaigns That Went Viral in 2013 Played on These Three Emotions

If you take a look at the most viewed, liked or shared digital and social content from last year, you’ll notice a common theme. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the content tended to be uplifting, amusing or touching tapping into viewers’ three very different but deepest emotions.

Some of the best examples include:


  • In Toyota’s “Wish Granted” video, The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco grants people the wishes they desire to show the RAV4′s ability to realize everyone in the family’s wishes.
  • American Express’ Passion Project allows individuals to enter their passion project for the chance to win $2,000 toward that goal to reflect American Express’ ability to help you pursue your passion.


  • In its video, Kmart tell customers, “you can ship your pants” (or bed, or drawers) for free to  promote a service that provides shoppers with free shipping for products.
  • In honor of April Fool’s, SCOPE pretends to launch a new bacon mouthwash to make mouthwash a little more fun (although some fans ended up being truly disappointed that this line doesn’t really exist).


  • Dove’s real beauty sketches show women that they are more beautiful than they think they are – reaching its audience on a personal level that is universally understood.
  • Cartier asks its audience how far they would go for love to launch its “love” collection – also reaching its audience on a personal level that is universally understood.

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With Digital Marketing on the Rise, Personalization and Call-to-Action Increase

If we know two things about the future of marketing, it’s that it’s 1) going digital and social and 2) getting more personal.

According to research, CMOs’ teams will spend $135 billion on digital marketing in 2014 alone, and social marketing budgets will double over the next five years.

CMOs agree that digital marketing needs to be personalized and relatable and a whopping 78% think custom content is the “future of marketing.”

Call to action in digital marketing such as pay-per-click and sharing buttons will also likely increase given their ability to be tracked and spread the word.

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Super Bowl Ads and Social Media

Each year, it seems like Super Bowl ads get almost as much hype as the game itself.

And as social media drives conversation about happenings all around the world, it continues to get people talking about Super Bowl ads and even take action as a result of them. Check out these stats on the subject matter:

  • According to research, a quarter of viewers will post about Super Bowl ads on social media before the game.
  • More than half will rewatch ads after the Super Bowl.
  • Three quarters will follow brands on Facebook or Twitter, and a third will follow teams on those channels.

Are you planning to use social media to discuss Super Bowl ads or engage with brands?

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Notable Campaigns from the World of Social Media

Few would argue that branded campaigns across Social Media channels are largely hit-or-miss. While following along – be it for inspiration or evaluation – can be very challenging, every so often, there are examples worth exploring. To that end, followed are three that caught my eye:

Tegan and Sara Sing in Oreo Ad - In case you missed it, Oreo launched two new flavors during last night’s Grammy Awards: cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. Samples of the snacks – which are scheduled to hit store shelves in February – were made available following an announcement in the brand’s commercial spot. Bearing a soundtrack by indie-darlings Tegan and Sara, their commercial drove viewers to Twitter where they were invited to make their requests by tweeting with custom hashtag. Fulfillment was made possible by Chirpify, an e-commerce start-up that facilitates quick and easy purchasing via any platform that supports hashtags.

Coke Releases Interactive Mini-Bottles to Commemorate World Cup - In celebration of their sponsorship of the upcoming World Cup, Coca-Cola released a series of 18 specially-created mini-bottles featuring designs representing each of the games’ past host countries. The bottles – which contain no actual product – are also interactive: via the brand’s Facebook Page and mobile apps, fans can create special messages that can be delivered to other bottle owners and unlock an augmented reality experience by scanning a special marker. As of this writing, the company is also said to be exploring Apple’s iBeacon platform, a service that tracks consumers by micro-location.

Ad of the Week: Axe Peace, Call to Arms - Based on the insight that young people care deeply about the future, Unilever launched a campaign promoting their newest scent, Peace. Leveraging their presence on YouTube, the brand announced their plan to support Peace One Day, a non-profit whose objective is to raise awareness on International Day of Peace (September 21). Per the brand’s senior director of marketing “AXE is tapping into this to start a conversation, inspire people to unite globally, and raise awareness about the power of peace in a way only AXE can do – with a #KissForPeace.”

What campaigns caught your eye?

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How to Tell Your Story When People Aren’t Paying Attention

There’s so much content online that it’s getting harder to get people to focus on yours. So, as marketers, how can we get people to pay attention? These five ways:

  • Use videos and images either to supplement, or replace text.
    • Press releases with multimedia get 77% more responses than those with just text.
  • Simplify the language so it’s easier to read.
    • 79% scan online vs. reading word for word.
  • Write smart headlines that draw people in.
  • Personalize.
    • The more relevant the content, the more inclined people are to keep reading.
  • Package content.
    • Bundle your press release with any other assets you may have so your audience reads everything at once.

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Marketing Trends in 2014: Humans Back in Vogue and Other News!

Every time a cultural or political pendulum swung too far in one direction, my mother always predicted a swing back in the other direction.  She may be right again this year.  The marketing predictions for 2014 from’s survey of 70+ heads of marketing and other digital marketing leaders indicates that human contact and face-to-face input is back in vogue.  Here are some of the predicted trends for the year.

Big data is still big, but marketers are finding they need to supplement all that data overload with insights from real people via face-to-face, ethnographic or other qualitative research.  And to counteract the digital unplugging trend, marketers are looking for more real-world, human to human opportunities for consumers to interact with their brands via fairs and meet-ups.

That doesn’t mean the death of the digital world, of course.  Marketers are also seeing an increased value in crowdsourcing and co-creation of brand messages.

The growing use of mobile and the second screen is now significantly impacting brand promotion online.  Marketers say online video will trump banner ads in 2014, content will be served up with more pictures and even smaller soundbytes  and “brand newsrooms” will grow in popularity to try to replicate that Oreo/Superbowl moment.

I will be watching the Superbowl closely to see what brands do this year.  As for the return to human input? One can only say, “hallelujah!”

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