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MMC Takes Home PRSA Silver Anvil Honor

Credit “ photography “Image Courtesy of Photography

MMC won a PRSA Silver Anvil Award for its work on the U by Kotex Generation Know program in the Consumer Marketing Products – Packaged Goods category.  The Silver Anvil is the industry’s most distinguished honor recognizing the very best in PR.

U by Kotex, a feminine care product line dedicated to challenging accepted norms, created Generation Know – a new generation of young women armed with the facts about their bodies and comfortable with their periods and vaginal health. MMC and U by Kotex encouraged hundreds of thousands of women to get and share facts about vaginal health, learn from experts and participate in projects designed to create social change.  In turn, women showed their support for U by Kotex where it really counts…at the cash register! Positive brand sentiment also rose 200% and there was a 186% increase in web traffic as a result of this integrated campaign.

For a full list of PRSA Silver Anvil winners, click here.

MMC CEO Marina Maher Featured at S.H.E. Summit

If you didn’t catch MMC CEO Marina Maher at last week’s S.H.E. Summit with Christen Brandt from She’s the First, you can watch it above. Thanks to Kathleen Griffith from mcgarrybowen for moderating.

MMC Wins Four Precious Metals at the Effie Awards


MMC and its integrated partner agencies for U by Kotex, Depend and Secret took home a Gold, Silver and two Bronze Effies at last night’s Effie awards.

  • The U by Kotex “Generation Know” was awarded a Gold Effie in Youth Marketing and a Bronze in the Goodworks-Brands category
  • Depend “Guard Your Manhood” campaign won a Bronze in the Personal Care category
  • Secret Clinical Strength “Helping Women Combat Everyday Stress” won a Silver Effie in the Single Media Company Activation category

For a full list of Effie Winners and to see the list of partner agencies, click here.

MMC Wins Three SABRE Awards for Client and Agency Programs


Last night MMC won three awards at the annual SABRE Awards ceremony.  Two Gold SABREs were on behalf of clients Kimberly-Clark for U by Kotex and Procter & Gamble for Head & Shoulders.  The agency won a Silver SABRE for a cause related program the agency took on last year to celebrate its 30th anniversary.  The award details are below.


  • Silver SABRE for PR Agency Citizenship: MMC Mobilizes the Agency to Help She’s the First Change the World…One Girl at a Time is about MMC’s MMC4aCause program last year.  The cause united MMC-ers into a community, and raised enough money to sponsor 43 educations for girls in Uganda.  The initiatives provided real-life examples of agency culture to new hires and contestants learned important on-the-job skills.  The program is being used in recruiting and has raised MMC’s profile.
  • Gold SABRE in Marketing to Youth: U by Kotex and Generation Know:  Creating a Movement of Young Women to Spread the Word About Vaginal Health is a program designed to end the cycle of misinformation about vaginal health by inspiring young women to join Generation Know – a new generation of young women armed with the facts about their bodies and comfortable with their periods and vaginal health. MMC and U by Kotex encouraged hundreds of thousands of women to get and share the facts, learn from experts and participate in projects designed to create social change.  In turn, women showed their support for U by Kotex where it really counts…at the cash register!
  • Gold SABRE in Fashion & Beauty:  Head & Shoulders Season of the #Whiff: was created to launch Head & Shoulders’ new shampoo scented with Old Spice.  Launched at the start of last year’s baseball season, where media predicted an MLB-wide season of strikeouts, the team seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leverage “whiffs,” which means both scent and strikeouts, and developed the “Season of the #Whiff” word-of-mouth campaign that linked its new scent-based product with America’s favorite pastime.  Season of the #Whiff” not only got the brand’s target to link their love of baseball to Head & Shoulders, but also produced unprecedented results, including record-breaking social engagement and sales above forecast for the Old Spice extension. All 30 MLB clubs participated in the campaign, and there were more than 2 billion Twitter impressions for the #whiff hashtag as well as over a billion media impressions.

Congratulations to all who made these programs a success!



MMC’s Samara Finn Shares Highlights from Hispanicize Conference for PR Week!

PR Week

This week a blog post from our very own Samara Finn was featured on the homepage of PR Week! In her post, Samara shared highlights from the recent Hispanicize Conference. You can check out the full post here at PR Week!


From Surprise and Delight to Brand Loyalty

SXSW_digital_rootsImage Courtesy of Digital Roots

According to Tom Zellman and Jacki Halas, both of Digital Roots, there are eight steps to building the kinds of campaigns that can turn occasional consumers into lifelong customers.

During their session at SXSW 2014, How to Build Ultimate Surprise and Delight Campaigns, the pair (whose Detroit-based company offers custom-built software for Social CRM, monitoring and engagement) presented an approach that all begins with listening. If one can cut through the clutter and isolate the “1 to 2% of brand-relevant data” that consumers generate, the insights gleaned can be very powerful, shared Zellman. But first, you have to “find the conversation.”

It’s no secret that the proliferation of Social Media tools has not only impacted consumer behaviors, but the ways companies provide customer support. “90% of customers would rather search online for an answer to a question before dialing into a call center,” said Halas.  The immediacy of response has given rise to a new trend: customer crowd-sourcing. Customers are often turning to their networks first for answers, so it’s easy to see that helpful on-demand content and good customer service go hand in hand.

Once those organic conversations are located, it’s okay to “stalk a bit,” added Zellman. Responding to customer issues in Social Media, in real-time, can be tricky, particularly when the individual behind a grievance hasn’t engaged a brand directly. “There’s a tough line to toe,” he explained. “You want to respect their privacy [but] you want to demonstrate you are listening and provide the highest level of service possible,” and that means you have to make it personal.

The fourth step shared by the duo focused on the need for clear objectives: “surprise and delight efforts typically take one of two forms,” offered Zellman. They appear as “part of a marketing campaign that’s designed to showcase customer stories” or as “search and rescue efforts that help answer questions or quell complaints.” Whichever path one takes, it’s critical that goals be defined before diving in. It’s also important to decide how to surprise and delight. Is your reward a product sample? A free cup of coffee? An at-home visit from a famous popstar? What matters is that you choose something that fits with your brand AND has value to your customers.

Sixth in the process was collaboration. Whether you’re attempting to build advocacy or responding to a crisis, working with others across your organization is key. Understanding desired outcomes will help to “give your campaign flavor,” said Halas. From there, you can “launch and optimize as needed.”

Delivering in a meaningful way came next, with a nod toward immediacy and personalization as the “biggest factors in driving brand loyalty.” The best surprise and delight campaigns are those that take these factors into account and use data and analytics to provide solutions that are both timely and relevant.

With each of the aforementioned observed, you’re well on your way to turning that occasional consumer into a lifelong customer. While certainly not surprised, we were delighted to learn that 33% of the companies polled by Digital Roots are on board with “service marketing,” and we look forward to seeing this trend brought to life in the months ahead.

Content Stole the Stage @ SXSW Interactive

sxswImage courtesy of

The star of this year’s SXSW Interactive was neither app nor gadget. Sure, the event had its fair share of new services and trendy wearables, but 2014′s real hero was content. Even on panels where topics ranged from data to devices, content managed to steal the stage, with much of the conversation focusing on the role marketers play in the processes of creation and distribution.

Whether it bore the label “storytelling” or “native advertising,” the goal of content marketing was never under dispute: it’s all about engagement. Brands want to create content that’s sticky and fosters a sense of love and loyalty; consumers, on the other hand, are looking for anything that brings utility and value into their lives. It’s a tension that few brands have been able to resolve.

According to Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently, the days of self-centered branded content are over: “they’re ads, and ads don’t work in a world ruled by the Social Media-empowered masses.” No surprise there: it’s always been the relationship that matters. The quality of a brand’s content will determine the degree to which consumers and influencers invest, whether they will care or share. And all of that leads to – you guessed it! – engagement.

The role audiences play in distributing content was among the many topics covered during a Q&A between “House of Cards” producer Dana Brunetti and entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg. Extolling the “power of the Social Graph,” the pair discussed a device-agnostic future where streaming content would live and thrive, where actors and actresses with “massive Social Media followings” would be sought and hired.

It’s a paradigm that worked well for Netflix, but can it be applied to channels where influencers and brand coexist?

Only time will tell.



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