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It’s a Family Affair for Head & Shoulders and Sofia Vergara

HASImage Courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Want to know the secret to Sofia Vergara’s fabulous hair?  Head & Shoulders.  A shampoo that Sofia and her entire family have used for generations.  In fact, 8 out of 9 Vergaras use H&S. So if you had the chance to work with just one Vergara or the whole family of Vergaras, what would you do?  MMC recommended the brand sign the whole family to bring the partnership to life in a unique and authentic way.

To officially launch the campaign, Sofia was joined by her son Manolo and niece Claudia on “Good Morning America” on Monday. Noting that this was the first campaign she’s done with her family, Sofia shared how all of the Vergaras use Head & Shoulders and highlights that the campaign was one of the most fun things she’s done this year.  GMA also featured exclusive behind-the-scenes b-roll footage from the TV shoot and final commercial spot ran. The segment can be viewed here.

Sofia also conducted interviews with several national women’s magazines including InStyle, Shape and Redbook to name a few.  Visit the Head & Shoulders Facebook Page for more information on what Sofia and her family are up to this season

MMC & Mederma Join Forces to Launch Mederma PM!

MedermaPM_Cartons_FacingLt_JarFrontImage Courtesy of Mederma®

MMC recently joined forces with Mederma®, the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand for scars, to support its family of leading Mederma® scar products and Mederma® Stretch Marks Therapy.Last week, MMC and Mederma® launched the brand’s latest innovation — Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream, a new one-of-a-kind scar cream specifically formulated to work at night, when skin naturally regenerates faster. Mederma® PM features some of the beauty world’s most buzz-worthy ingredients– peptides, collagen, and antioxidants – and through robust media efforts has become a hot item among consumers looking to care for their scars as part of their nighttime beauty routine!

For the launch, Mederma® PM partnered with leading NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman to brief top beauty magazines during an exclusive VIP event, consumer media and short-leads with deskside interviews and blogger engagement – which together, sparked robust conversations about the product and the benefits of caring for skin at night. Additionally, influential beauty experts have shown their excitement for the product through features such as a GMA Live segment with beauty influencer Limor Suss, and stories on!

To view the full Mederma PM press release click here!

MMC and Venus Help Women Find Their Perfect Match

venus eventImage Courtesy of Venus

Gillette Venus is all about helping women find their “perfect match”: a razor that truly delivers great results for smooth, beautiful skin. This year, Venus is celebrating the exciting launch of two new razors: the Venus Embrace Sensitive and Venus Snap with Embrace. At the official launch event, MMC and Venus hosted media influencers and their “perfect matches” (BFFs, moms and colleagues) to learn about the Venus products best matched to their skin and lifestyle needs. Attendees also participated in activities tailored to their lifestyles, such as indoor rock-climbing, surf set and yoga. The new Venus Embrace Sensitive and Venus Snap with Embrace will be available starting in March. Check out the online buzz with #VenusPerfectMatch.

Thank You, Glamour.

Image source

I had the great fortune of attending Glamour’s “Women of the Year” Awards last night – an evening packed with inspiration, tears, and the hard work and tireless determination of 12 women with awe-inspiring life achievements.

So, during my subway ride this morning, I took the time to reflect on which of the program’s “moments” (and there were many!) was most powerful.

It wasn’t the medley of Lady Gaga songs performed by members of the fifth-grade PS22 Chorus in Staten Island, or the surprise appearance by Oscar de la Renta to honor Natalie Manesset. Or even the moms of the children that Kaitlin Roig DeBellis helped save at Sandy Hook, who stood proudly on stage to honor her (smart guests, like me, brought their tissues).

It was the shrieks from Glamour’s “Girls in the Balcony” – several groups of schools Glamour invited to attend the event, among them the Lower East Side Girls Club. They were shouting “I LOVE YOU!,” but it wasn’t for Lady Gaga. It was for Malala Yousufzai.  And that speaks volumes. 

You likely know Malala, and her story – though just a year ago she was as unknown as the 66 million girls who aren’t in school that she is now fighting to help.  She’s 16, and she’s inspiring young women around that world that their voice matters.

My top quotes from last night:

Husband of the year: “You’re the closest to heaven I’ve ever been.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton quoting Mark Kelly, about his wife Gabby Giffords (Glamour’s first ever “couple of the year!”)

Inspiration for beauty junkies: “Beauty is not in the face. It’s a light that shines from within.” – Malala

Throwback that I love: “Imagine your future with the confidence of your 10 year old self.”  – Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindy Lieve, quoting 2009 WOTY alum Amy Poehler

On her Glamour cover: “Every woman here deserves to be on the cover. But if I could forfeit my Glamour cover, it would be to Malala.” – Lady Gaga

From the ever-stylish and intelligent one: “You can’t be stylish without being smart,” – Natalie Massenet

Advice to be repeated every day, all day: “Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.”” – Melinda Gates

Yes. Thank you!: “Strong women get things done. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best.” – Gabby Giffords

In memory: “This award is in honor of the 26 angels looking down on us right now.” – Kaitlin Roig DeBellis

To support Malala and Glamour’s Women of the Year fund, click here. My hands are all clapped out, but the 2013 Women of the Year deserve another round of applause.  What an honor it was to spend a couple hours with you. As Glamour put it so well on their own blog, guests were left asking:

How can we take what we just heard, and use it to do more?


The Secret team launches new Secret Clinical Strength Collection with The Moth storytellers

Image courtesy of Kate Lord
Divinely confident: Our own Nicole Kaldes braves the Secret Moth stage

Wednesday night, the MMC Secret team hosted an intimate evening for media guests to launch the brand’s newest innovations for personalized Clinical Strength protection: Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid and Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel, two category-firsts, giving women 100% odor protection for 100% confidence, guaranteed.

The experience immersed short-lead media influencers in women’s journeys to 100% confidence through the live performance of true life confidence narratives, as told by three fearless female storytellers from the renowned storytelling group The Moth.

The themes of confidence and fearlessness shined through each uniquely captivating story, after which the media were encouraged to conquer their fear, and potential stress sweat, by sharing their own confidence story. MMC’s own Nicole Kaldes demonstrated her #BeFearless attitude and took to the mic to tell a personal high school story that was met with laughter and applause from the audience.

Media attendees shared photos throughout the night on Twitter and Instagram and left feeling confident and inspired by the experience.

For more information on the Secret Clinical Strength Collection, or to get your hands on one before they hit stores, visit: and learn about upcoming events from The Moth here:

New Study Breaks Down When Women Feel Most and Least Attractive

Image Source

Saturday. That’s the one day of the week I feel most attractive. But believe it or not, I’m part of a small minority of women who feel that way. According to a new study from PHD Media, women feel least attractive on Saturday (31%), Sunday (39%) and Monday (46%). Mornings don’t top the attractiveness scale either with 58% and 38% of respondents saying they feel unattractive from 5:00-7:00am and 7:00-9:00am, respectively. When do women feel they’re at their peak? On Thursdays and between 12:00-3:00pm. Who knew!?

As marketers and communicators, it’s wise for us to take these insights and apply them to our work, especially as we look to forge emotional connections between consumers and our clients’ brands. The survey findings give marketers the opportunity to practice an empowerment/engagement strategy that reaches consumers when they need a boost – in self-esteem, morale and overall well being. Because when you feel good, you look good and isn’t that what every woman wants?  Brands that can empower female consumers during this time of need and help them feel their best will always come out on top.

Will Jockey Change the Paradigm of Bra Sizing?

As you may have heard, A, B, C and D are no longer part of Jockey’s alphabet. The mainstream underwear brand has dropped the 80-year-old system of bra sizing for a new method that takes a woman’s unique shape into account. The new bra size takes in two factors: which size cup fits and then the measurement of the ribcage in inches. So, if you fit cup No. 4 and measure 34 around the ribcage, your size would be 4-34. For women used to the traditional 34B, C and D – this will not only come as a surprise, but it will empty out your pockets a bit more. Each bra costs $60 but thankfully, they haven’t strayed from the traditional shades of black, white and beige. Nevertheless, the bras are receiving praise from many women on Jockey’s website.

You may be asking yourself – why the change? Will 34B, C and D become a thing of the past? Or will this simply generate extra brand publicity for doing something different? One thing is certain…Jockey is more top of mind in recent weeks because of this campaign.  We’ll be interested to see if all that awareness from publications such as and results in sales. 

Are you intrigued? Will you try Jockey’s new fit system?    

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