Tablets Offer Rich Opportunity for PR

While some accounts dubbed 2010 the year of the iPad, the tablet is expected to really take off in 2011, particularly as related to magazines. Today’s New York Times features an article focused on how magazines are pursuing tablets largely focused on the business side, noting subscriptions are the next frontier and the format offers great opportunity for advertisers.

Tablets also offer great opportunity for PR professionals. With traditional magazines, our ability to tell stories can be limited. Sure, sometimes you strike gold, securing a big feature solely focused on your product or service, but many times your brand inclusion is limited to a few key messages and a photo. The tablet offers the opportunity to partner with an editor to tell a better story and offer consumers/readers a rich, multimedia experience. Think about the possibilities … an interview with your expert explaining a trend vital to your business, a video explaining how to use or achieve a look using your product, a behind-the-scenes experience with your talent. Have you had success marrying traditional magazines stories with the tablet form?