Suzanne Haber in PM 360: The Art and Science of Successful Celebrity Brand Ambassador Campaigns


Suzanne Haber, MMC’s Chief of Media Innovations, discusses the art and science of how to enlist the right celebrity for a pharmaceutical campaign in the March supplement of PM 360.

Suzanne maintains that while celebrity brand ambassadors have long been controversial, marketers have learned from their experiences and become more savvy about how best to engage them.  Done well, she says, these campaigns can foster a strong emotional connection between patients and your brand.

She discusses key criteria marketers should assess, including the celebrity’s passion for the topic, size of their social graph, authenticity, mediability and cost and concludes with some thoughts on new trends on “celebrity” influencers.  Some of today’s biggest influencers are not necessarily movie stars or musicians. They are bloggers, YouTube stars and Instagrammers with a large online following who also demand far less to promote a brand. Already heavily engaged with consumer brands, Suzanne wonders whether they could become the next celebrities for pharmaceutical brands as well.