Social Predictions for 2014




As 2013 comes to a close, so begin the predictions for 2014.  And for all of the social media professionals out there, there’s already curiosity about how things will change in the coming year because the digital space never remains the same. Will Facebook change its algorithm again?  What’s in store for Twitter now that it’s gone public? What new platforms will emerge?  Here are three trends we’re excited about:

  • Content that helps versus sells.  As brands continue to find ways to be seen as “friends” in social media, more will publish content that offers quick tips, recommendations, and anything that will help engage fans. This technique won’t directly sell product (although, if done well, will sell product in the long run). It also isn’t limited to customers only. In return, brands will gain respect and loyalty beyond what any product-focused piece of content could ever give them.
  • The rise of visual customer service. The emergence of new features like Instagram Direct will give brands an opportunity to connect with individual fans and followers in highly visual ways. With private messaging that requires an image, brands will have to step up their game and find creative ways to respond visually, which if well played, could result in more fans sharing the “cool” responses they received and brand content reaching beyond their fan base.
  •  Ad saturation in social media will drive audiences to test other channels. As the first wave of social media sites continues to mature and monetize, paid content will play an increasingly important role in how brands reach their fans and followers. In the past year, much has been written about the migration of audiences to newer platforms where advertising/marketing messages are fewer, or in some cases, absent. Will ads continue to force people away or will subscription models that promise commercial-free environments emerge?

With these predictions come many more, and what’s news in January will be old by June.  Here at MMC, we have one last prediction we can’t quite agree upon—what animal will replace Grumpy Cat in ’14?  Will it be a squirrel?  A llama?  A grumpier cat?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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