Why Select Sports Brands Are Winning With Women

Women in workout wear everywhere, rejoice!  The days of sports brands ‘pinking and shrinking’ sports apparel traditionally targeted to men seem to be a thing of the past. At least for the market leaders anyway, who have realized that catering to women can drastically improve their bottom line.

Unanimously, women at MMC feel that both sports products and marketing to women have come a looong way, especially in the last five years.

Under Armour, Nike and Lululemon Athletica are stand outs at appealing to women with targeted apparel and marketing campaigns. Shirts are longer to prevent riding up, seams are contoured to avoid chaffing and provide support where needed, high-tech fabrics are standard and colors more closely mirror hot trends in mainstream fashion. Campaigns break through because they give women something they are looking for – be that inspiration, empowerment or a combined feeling of strength and femininity.

Here is a short list of the brands an unofficial poll of MMC women revealed are reaching women well.

Outstanding Products

  • Nike and Adidas make the most comfortable, supportive, and stylish sneakers around – in a variety of options to suit all work out types.
  • Under Armour apparel is designed entirely with a woman’s body in mind and offers a variety of flattering options, regardless of body type.
    • One workout pant includes a flattening panel to smooth out tummies and a ruching accent to hide a pouch – small design elements like these make women feel slim and confident, exactly the mindset welcomed before a work out.
    • Bras no longer run in sizes Small, Medium or Large – Under Armour sells by bra size, including sizes like DD and provides smaller bands for bigger cups; the bra fit also differs depending on the cup size, so A cups come in a pullover while D cups clasp at the back.
    • LuluLemon Athletica apparel is beautiful, feminine and of high quality. Though expensive by comparison.
    • Oakley is a market leader in sports sunglasses – years of research and development does result in top quality products.

Outstanding Campaigns

  • LuluLemon Athletica – created an aspirational company story and an inspirational, feel-good community. The brand is passionate about helping women create a life they love through the power of goal setting.
  • Under Armour – created the #IWill campaign that showcases brand loyalists working out and achieving great things. This all ties back nicely to the brand’s equity of empowerment.
  • Nike – started the trend of posting powerful one-liners on graphic tees; empowering slogans that women everywhere can embrace, like: ‘Damn near perfect,’ ‘Oh yes I did!’ ‘Freakin’ awesome,’ ‘Hotly con tested!’ and ‘Catch me if you can.’
  • Adidas – made a splash with its Stella McCartney partnership, bringing the athletic and fashion worlds together, and providing an even more stylish option in workout wear.
  • Oakley – breaks through by poking fun at the epidemic that is women wearing active wear everywhere they shouldn’t.

The long and the short of it is, in sportswear today, women expect quality, respond to brands featuring strong women, connect on an aspirational level, crave empowerment, and want to remain feminine throughout. Brands that can embody this formula will continue to win women over, over and over again.

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