The Promise of a Purchase. Marketers Should Go Deep.


We’ve read the reports. We’ve seen the data. Emotion plays a huge part in “why she buys”. We get it.

But, how often do we take the time to lift that layer of emotion. Does it just make her feel good, or is there more to it?

Since we’re talking about women here, my money is on the fact that there’s more to it.

Check out this photo. I’m on Spring Break, beach bound for the day in the Caribbean. I’ve got my SPF 30, 40, and 60. But, what’s that in the corner? Is that…? Yes, it is.

I was on line at the pharmacy this morning and spotted Ban de Soleil Orange Gelee Classic Formula SPF4. What is happening? They still make this?

If I were in a romantic comedy the camera would immediately cut to a flashback of me in my teen years with all my girlfriends at the beach, with a sea of magazines at our feet, slathering on this glamorous St. Tropez Tanning formula – soaking in that signature fragrance and the excitement of what the night would bring as we sport our new fresh-faced, bronze glow. Notice no mention of wrinkles, skin cancer or sun spots.

Life was good. Life was simple.

And so was the decision today, 20+ yrs later, to pay $14.99 for this little Time Machine tube. I couldn’t resist the idea of rubbing even a tiny bit of this potion into my skin, enjoying that signature fragrance, feeling simple.

Of course, today I sit under my umbrella, covered in La Roche-Posay 60, while wearing a larger-than-life visor that could probably pick up several more movie channels than my current cable package allows.   

You could say the path to purchasing this was my version of taking a spin in Doc’s DeLorean equipped with the flux capacitor.

What’s yours?