How Can PR Agencies be More Creative?

In part two of our interview with Arun Sudhaman, managing editor of The Holmes Report, we asked him how PR agencies can be more creative.  He should know.  The Holmes Report recently conducted a study about creativity with creativity experts Now Go Create and sponsored by our Omnicom sister agency Ketchum. Here’s what he said:

The broad answer is that it’s as much about culture as it is about content.  Agencies have to inculcate a much stronger creative culture than currently exists.  In advertising agencies, creativity is more a part of the agency’s DNA, whereas in PR agencies, creativity often is viewed as just one element of what the agency does. 

In our survey, we asked which techniques are used to generate ideas. Most said group brainstorms.  But that’s not necessarily the best way to develop ideas.  Creativity will become more important in PR agencies as the media landscape fragments and we get swamped with more noise.  Then, the ability to break through with a compelling idea will be even more important than it is now. 

Image of Arun Sudhaman, courtesy of The Holmes Report