Pinterest’s Promoted Pins Exit Beta and Enter New Feeds

After a lengthy period of beta that began last June, Pinterest has (finally!) started to push “Promoted Pins” into the home feeds of its users (official blog post here).


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

For anyone who’s followed along, you know that the platform has been extremely cautious with its introduction of “Promoted Pins.” So much so, that they’re referring to the introduction as “an experiment.” Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Pinterest’s head of partnerships, Joanne Bradford stated that the company is “speeding things up because advertisers are ready.” She goes on to say that they’ve “worked very hard over the course of the beta period and took all those learnings to build a very aggressive road map for 2015.”


For the foreseeable future, Pinterest will give top priority to its CPM product and promises to minimize disruption by “keeping the quantity down and quality high.” This means advertisers will NOT be able to specifically buy placement on home feeds; rather, they can target a category (e.g., “beauty” or “laundry” or “diabetes”) related to the item. Promoted Pins that meet certain performance criteria (presumably some combination of repins and clicks) will be displayed on the home feeds of users that have an interest in that category.


An interesting development and one to watch for brands interested in entering the Pinterest fray.