How Peep It Is

Who can resist sweet memories of childhood like Twinkies and Peeps?  Both are in the news this week for new and upcoming campaigns.

For those Twinkie watchers and hoarders out there, it was exciting news to hear that this wonder of the food world could be back on shelves as early as this June, trumpeted by celebrities and possibly with a healthy twist.   A brand that has long been a poster child for what’s wrong with the American diet can use nostalgia and humor, and maybe even a portion control play with 100-calorie snack packs, to reinvigorate a cult following and woo new consumers.  Capitalizing on the Twinkie stockpiling and online market that burgeoned in the wake of the Hostess bankruptcy could be another fun way for the brand to turn its one-time demise into a positive.

The Peeps brand celebrates 60 years of molding marshmallow sweetness into cute chicks, bunnies and more with its first TV ad in a decade. The spot celebrates the endless ways to enjoy Peeps as told by a boy to his brother over the course of Easter day, a humorous nod to the many uses for Peeps, food and otherwise (diorama contests abound).  Like many successful brands that embrace alternative uses (Q-tips and macaroni come to mind), embracing consumer love for their brand, even if it doesn’t fit neatly into an Easter basket all the time, has helped Peeps grow its business. I suggest for their 60th they make a bold social media play as well and change the Twitter bird to a Peeps chick for a day, say Easter, (and Tweets to Peeps) and invite consumers to Peep about why they love the product.  And encourage all their peeps to do the same.  Or host a Vine Peep Show. The ideas, like the many ways to enjoy Peeps, are endless.

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