Are You a Mother’s Day Planner or Procrastinator?

According to research on Mother’s Day gifting, most people search for gifts for mom electronically the week of Mother’s Day. Marketers targeting shoppers online this May will need to keep this in mind.

xAd classifies Mother’s Day online gifters into two categories:

Planners: Those searching and purchasing six days ahead, generally looking for salons, spas and jewelry.

  • For salons and spas, mobile activity peaks two days before while desktop peaks the day before.
  • For jewelry, mobile activity is consistent during the six days leading up to Mother’s Day. Desktop activity peaks the day before.

Procrastinators: Those searching and purchasing three days ahead, generally looking for bakeries and flowers.

  • For bakeries, both mobile and desktop activity increases two days before and peaks the day before.
  • For flowers, mobile activity spikes three days before and gradually declines, while desktop search ramps up drastically six days before and drops off just as drastically the day before Mother’s Day.

Which category do you fall in? Don’t worry, we won’t tell mom.

Image courtesy of xAd