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WOMMA Summit 2014: 3 Learnings on Being Stellar Storytellers

  At the 2014 Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)’s annual summit November 17-19 in Los Angeles, several agencies and brands presented case studies where storytelling was at the center. While the results (#numbers #measurement #KPIs) got the data geeks in the room excited, what got community managers and strategists jazzed were the underlying storyline and […]

SheKnows Acquisition of BlogHer: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Marketing to Women

Elisa Camahort Page and the BlogHer team pose with the SheKnows team. (Image Courtesy: SheKnows) The two single most powerful sources of influence in reaching women online have now come together as a combined force in marketing to women. SheKnows, the undisputed leader in online beauty fashion and lifestyle has unsurpassed authority in reaching the […]

The Role of Broadcast in Crisis Management: Manipulating Public View? No, Shaping the Story.

Image Courtesy: 60 Minutes In an age when social media is the go-to news source, broadcast is still the leader when it comes to influencing public opinion.  That’s because broadcast allows brands to tell their own truth, in their own words while connecting with viewers on an emotional and personal level. The effectiveness of this […]

A New Era of the Empowered Patient: Doctors “On Demand”

The patients of today are not the patients of our parents’ generation. That’s a fact every healthcare professional and healthcare communicator or marketer addresses every day. Today’s empowered patient has the tools and resources to stay current with the latest breakthroughs, FDA approvals, studies, and health trends, and isn’t afraid to broach  even complicated health […]

How the #IceBucketChallenge is a Game-changer for Cause Awareness

Image Courtesy In the last week, chances are someone you know has dumped a bucket of ice over their head to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). But a week ago you may not have even known what ALS was. This viral initiative has dared hundreds of […]

The Non-Traditional World of Teens

Image Courtesy of Is the word traditional losing all of its vigor? Gone (well, almost) are the days when you look for recipes in a cookbook (hello Pinterest), find out breaking news from television (Twitter will alert you first) and learn how to French braid or tie a tie from a book (YouTube all […]

The Rise of Subscription-Based TV Supports Increase in Digital Marketing

Netflix recently announced it has surpassed 50 million subscribers globally and according to AdWeek, is projecting growth of over three million more subscribers next quarter. This will come as no surprise to many, especially “House of Cards” fans or those infatuated with the “Orange is the New Black” craze (myself included). With many consumers, especially Millennials, eschewing TV for subscription-based […]

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