Meet The Media: Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations

Our second Meet The Media interview is with Audrey McClelland who, along with her sister and mother, writes for Mom Generations.  She’s also the Beauty & Style Editor of Lifetime Moms and Fashion Editor of Blissfully Domestic.


Audrey, along with Vera Sweeney from I’m Not Obsessed, launched Getting Gorgeous in 2010.  Together they host events that give moms easy, doable and practical fashion and beauty advice.


Audrey was named a “Power Pack Mom” in Nielsen’s 2009 Online Power Moms list.   To us, Audrey has always been a “leader of the pack,” so we’re excited to share the below interview we conducted with her.


As a parenting influencer, you cover a broad spectrum of topics.  What’s your favorite topic to write about and why?

My favorite topics to write about are mom fashion and mom beauty… I feel it’s so much fun to mix together the mom factor with my loves of fashion and beauty.  Moms are always looking for doable, easy and practical fashion and beauty tips, so I love to be able to deliver.  As a mom of 4 little boys, I know that the time factor and the affordability factor comes into play heavily.  I love to be able to find great tips and good pieces of advice to pass along to my readers.  It excites me!  Feeling beautiful is something every woman should feel, regardless of money, time and circumstances in their life.  And sometimes feeling beautiful just comes down to finding the perfect lipstick!

What categories, types of products, trends, etc. are you sick of hearing about?

I’m sick of hearing about the jeggings!  Enough already!

What still excites you?

I always love hearing about makeup trends.  I love knowing what colors are hot and trendy.  I love knowing what kind of eye makeup is going to be the hit of the season.  I love love love lip colors, so it’s always exciting for me to see the latest must-haves of the season!

What do you think drives consumers, or your readers in particular, to purchase products you endorse on your site?

I truly believe it all comes down to having a real opinion and a true authentic voice.  I think it’s so important to share information, mom-to-mom.  We don’t have time to read magazines anymore.  We don’t have time to watch our celebrity shows.  It all comes down to quick pieces of information, and I really try and have my blog be a space like that.

You have four boys that are six years of age and younger.  How do you manage taking care of them AND maintaining such an active online presence?

LOL… I have no idea!  I’m kidding.  I have an amazing husband who works with me on and helps me with the boys.  We don’t have any outside help, it’s all us.  There are days when I just write a huge to-do list and know that I need to bang through it before I go to bed at night, no questions about it.  I love what I do… so I just know that I need to make it work, not only for myself, but for my family.  I always have my iPhone on me, so that makes it very easy, too.

You had a career in fashion before you became a mother, how did that help you develop your sites?

It’s funny, when I started at Donna Karan, I was fresh out of college.  I was a 20-something, young girl living in the City completely thinking I was Carrie Bradshaw.  When I left Donna Karan, I was a mom of 1 and pregnant with my 2nd son.  I had a better understanding of fashion and beauty.  I saw the business side and the creative side. It just fascinated me.  When I left Donna Karan, our family moved back to Rhode Island, I knew I needed to work, but I just wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  What I ended up doing was going online searching for mom fashion blogs, but there weren’t any!  I knew this was something I loved and I knew it was something I had an expertise in, so I merged the two!  I have loved every single second!

Will you ever slow down?  What’s the next big thing for Audrey McClelland?

Well, my book The Digital Mom Handbook that I wrote with my friend Colleen Padilla of will be out in August!  We are SO EXCITED.  I also would love to keep pursuing creating videos, for me… this is exactly what I love to do and truthfully where my passion is.