May 25, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

LinkedIn suffered a massive security breach, leading to 117 million email addresses and passwords being put up for sale online. A hacker going by the name of “Peace,” is offering a database of information for millions of accounts to people willing to pay for access to private information.  LinkedIn has distributed urgent emails to accounts affected, urging the users to change their passwords immediately.


Twitter announced a new line-up of future upgrades! When replying to a tweet, @Handles will no longer count toward to 140-character limit, making conversations easier to have and more straightforward. Users will no longer need to put a period before a @Handle in order to have a tweet broadcasted publicly. Finally, users will be able to retweet and quote owned tweets in order to build on previous content. Twitter has not released when these updates will take effect.

Facebook’s Trending Topics will undergo changes following allegations of political bias. Earlier this month an anonymous source accused the social network’s news curators’ of promoting progressive views and websites instead of content presenting American views. After an internal investigation, Facebook stated that they did not find evidence of this accusation. However, in an effort to ‘minimize risks where human judgement is involved,’ Facebook said it wouldchange some of its policies, such as relying on certain news outlets to asses the newsworthiness of a topic.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the validity of the Zika Virus vaccine are being combatted by real-time social media techniques.  According to Science Daily, “Conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific claims are refuting the facts around Zika virus vaccines could be putting vulnerable people at risk.  By analyzing social media in real time, researchers were able to identify conversations about Zika virus vaccines and pinpoint the conspiracy theories being discussed.” Researchers from George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Georgie are on the front-lines, combatting these unscientific claims by responding to users and urging them to read scientific journals about the vaccine.

Cultural News

Cory Richards reached the summit of Mt. Everest, documenting his 29K foot climb via Snapchat.  Richards and his climbing partner, Adrian Ballinger, shared their experience via their account, Everest No Filter.  The two are reportedly descending the mountain at this time and will appear on mainstream networks to discuss their experience in the near future.

Cory Richards


Just for fun…

The viral “Chewbacca Mom” Facebook Live video garnered 136MM views and millions of laughs worldwide.  Candace Payne filmed a candid video in her car after purchasing a Star Wars Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s.  Since the video went live last week, Kohl’s has sold out of the masks nationwide and thanked Candace by sending her family nearly $3K worth of Star Wars paraphernalia.  This is further proof that authentic, emotional consumer content is powerful and should be utilized by brands.

Chewbacca Mom


Scott Disick, member of the Kardashian family, made a hilarious mistake in his instagram caption.  Disick accidentally posted his manager’s instructions for sharing his paid Instagram caption… in his caption. #CelebProblems #YouHadOneJob


Scott Disick