Marketing to Women Experts Discuss How to Turn Tough Topics into Trending Topics At 11th Annual Marketing to Women Conference


Women naturally share so many intimate details about their lives with their friends. So it shouldn’t be that hard for marketers of products like deodorant, adult incontinence briefs, vaginal lubricants, and financial investments to get women talking about them, right?

Actually, there are a whole set of brands that women don’t want to talk about with anyone:  not with their friends, their mothers, even the professionals who can best help them.

Marketing to women experts shared how to break through to women on tough topics like these at the 11th annual Marketing to Women conference in Chicago. The panel, “Turning Tough Topics into Trending Topics: Learnings from Masters of Marketing to Women,” concluded that there is no such thing as a tough topic; the only tough part is finding a way to connect with women so that they will open up.

Diana Littman Paige, MMC’s EVP, Consumer Lifestyle & Health, moderated the panel, which included Marina Buatti, VP, Women Investors Initiative for Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments and Bruno Alves, Senior Brand Manager, Marketing, at Reckitt Benckiser.

The panel agreed on five essentials for engaging women around tough topics:

  • Listen closely: research must uncover the emotional triggers that get women to open up
  • Speak in her language: using words that she uses to have these conversations
  • Show her she’s not the only one… so it’s okay to talk to others: women who cope with personal issues often feel they’re in it alone.  Showing her how many others face similar issues gives her permission to open up. And both panelists agreed that women share experiences on tough topics because they feel they are helping other women.
  • Talk with her; not at her: Brands that join women’s organic conversations are more successful at getting women to engage.
  • Give her a reason to share… and reward her when she does. Brand advocates love to be the first to share brand news with their friends.  So brands that give her content she’ll want to share and keep her in the know will encourage her to talk about them.

Turning tough topics into trending topics is a win-win for brands and women.  By engaging women on tough topics, brands encourage them to seek solutions for issues that might have otherwise been ignored, panelists concluded.