Marketing Trends in 2014: Humans Back in Vogue and Other News!

Every time a cultural or political pendulum swung too far in one direction, my mother always predicted a swing back in the other direction.  She may be right again this year.  The marketing predictions for 2014 from’s survey of 70+ heads of marketing and other digital marketing leaders indicates that human contact and face-to-face input is back in vogue.  Here are some of the predicted trends for the year.

Big data is still big, but marketers are finding they need to supplement all that data overload with insights from real people via face-to-face, ethnographic or other qualitative research.  And to counteract the digital unplugging trend, marketers are looking for more real-world, human to human opportunities for consumers to interact with their brands via fairs and meet-ups.

That doesn’t mean the death of the digital world, of course.  Marketers are also seeing an increased value in crowdsourcing and co-creation of brand messages.

The growing use of mobile and the second screen is now significantly impacting brand promotion online.  Marketers say online video will trump banner ads in 2014, content will be served up with more pictures and even smaller soundbytes  and “brand newsrooms” will grow in popularity to try to replicate that Oreo/Superbowl moment.

I will be watching the Superbowl closely to see what brands do this year.  As for the return to human input? One can only say, “hallelujah!”

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