Marina Maher Named to PRWeek Global Power Book

team-marina-maherMMC founder and CEO Marina Maher, has been named to the 2015 PRWeek Global Power Book as one of 300 global communications movers and shakers.

The Power Book is “the definitive guide to the brightest and most influential PR professionals around the world,” according to PRWeek, and features Q&A profiles with more than 300 PR leaders from both agency and in-house who have an influence across multiple borders.


Asked how her job has changed most in the past five years, Maher said, “I run a completely different agency than I did five years ago. Media are increasingly fragmented and consumers have the ability to opt in. It’s no longer what a brand says about itself that matters; it’s what people say about the brand. So our business has evolved dramatically to meet these new challenges.”

The best advice she ever received? “No” doesn’t mean “no.” It means you haven’t asked the right question. Her go-to medium for breaking news is Twitter, and she discloses that if she weren’t running her agency, she might want to “run the 21st-century version of a salon, bringing together interesting people from various industries.”

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