What We Learned at BlogHer 2012

Image courtesy of SheKnows

The 8th annual BlogHer Conference brought over 4,500 of the most influential bloggers in the country to NYC for three jam-packed days of education and networking.   MMC was at the meeting supporting several  clients and spent some time finding out what was on blogger’s minds.  Here’s what we learned, with some thoughts about what it means to brands.

1. Blogging is a passion, but it’s also a business
Many new bloggers are interested in ways to earn money for their online content. Their biggest question is how to price their services appropriately and gain the attention of brands they want to work with.  Marketers should keep this in mind when they build relationships with bloggers they want to advocate for their brand.  Research the sites that are the best fit for your brand and messages and propose both paid and earned partnerships. 

2.  Blogs are just one of many channels online influencers use to reach their network  
Bloggers are spreading their content across a multitude of social channels. For bloggers who want to be compensated for every blog, consider earned opportunities on their other social channels.  Influencers are often more receptive to posting on Facebook or Twitter (or sharing a photo on Pinterest, or a video on YouTube) as a fast, easy way to spread the news/tips/message in a new way.

3.  Pictures are worth a thousand words
With the rise of Pinterest, influencers are increasingly looking for informal images from brands. Plan for a wide range of product as well as lifestyle images to share (and in a variety of formats for easy downloading!) when you launch your program.

4.  The most successful exhibits are those that align brand experiences with areas of interest for bloggers  
Everyone will stop by your booth for the free tchotke.  To get them to stay longer and learn about your products, create an experience they’ll be they’ll want to engage with. Exhibitors that attracted lots of traffic were those that focused on general health, menopause, parenthood, and easy ways to cook, clean and take care of family.  To ensure that you’re spreading your messages from Day One of the conference, offer a shareable element like pictures and videos that bloggers can upload to their social channels via their smartphones.

Who is already counting down the days until BlogHer 2013 in Chicago? MMC is!

Samara Finn, Heather Papsun and Kristen Ryan contributed to this post