June 24, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

This year’s Lion Health Festival, a specialty healthcare show created by Cannes Lions, focused on creative issues that most pharma marketers are currently grappling with. The desire to incorporate technology into marketing programs was a main point of discussion which led to several key takeaways:

  1.  Cinema is king. Many of the winners and entries in the specialty healthcare show used longform storytelling expanding on the human condition in a cinematic way.
  2.  Virtual reality isn’t ready for the main stage. Several entries in both the pharma and health wellness categories used virtual reality, but few of them used the technology as a tool to enhance the campaign rather than served as the center of the campaign.
  3. Music can help drugmakers reach patients. One of the gold winners in the pharma category was a Teva Neuroscience campaign with Spotify, called Parkinsounds. The program selects songs to automatically maintain the best pace for people with Parkinson’s disease. This is a perfect example of how pharma brands are incorporating music in their campaigns as a better way to connect with patients.

Samsung is making a push to grow the virtual reality content ecosystem by launching a VR-short competition. Samsung and Gear VR headset maker will roll out its new Samsung Creators initiative at VidCon 2016, at which participants will attend a range of VR filmmaking seminars and be able to buy a Gear 360 CR camera. The competition for the best VR short videos will kick-off in July in an effort to spread the word about this new technology. Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics America said, “We’re investing a lot in this space because we believe it’s a new medium for communication, creativity and even compassion.”

Cannes Lion Health Cultural News

Cannes Lion Health Festival is upon us! The first talk focused on creative issues that most pharma marketers are currently grappling with, such as how best to incorporate technology into a marketing program. The key takeaways from the festival include the difficulty of implementing virtual reality, the impact of music when trying to reach consumers and the need to display empathy toward patients. Tune into @MMCTweets to get the latest Cannes insight straight from Matthew, DLP, Susan and Marina.

The Positive Project is an app, created by Jacob Alexander, with the goal of raising awareness of HIV. Alexander announced the app during a recent TED Talk in which he also revealed that he is HIV positive. The app provides HIV facts, health information, and helps users locate the nearest test centers. Users can also ask anonymous questions about the disease and use the app as a forum for discussion.

zentaJust for fun…

Are you happy? Stressed? Not really sure? Zenta is the new wearable that allows you to monitor your heart rate, stress level and overall happiness without touching a button. This wearable is being coined “the upgraded FitBit” and has become an overnight health trend as it’s the first device to tap into emotional tracking.