Digital Trend Update: June 30, 2016

News of Note

Facebook will change news feed to focus on friends and family. On Wednesday, Facebook confirmed that it plans to make a series of changes to its newsfeed algorithm so that it will more favorably promote content posted by the friends and family of users. We have been hearing rumors about this update, discussing it for some time and ultimately believe it will enhance the importance of having dedicated fans opted into each brand. We have reached out to our Facebook representatives regarding the shift for their POVs and will continue to keep you updated on its potential impact on brands.

smartphone instagram Instagram wants you to watch more video. The platform is adding new topic- and interest-based video channels to the ‘explore’ section of the app called ‘picked for you.’ Instagram first introduced video channels to the explore section last spring, but the latest update adds 23 new channels that cover a wide variety of topics ranging from super specific (‘hair braiding’ and ‘special effects makeup’) to more general interests (‘fishing’ and ‘ceramics’).

World News

People on Twitter express solidarity using #PrayForTurkey after a suicide attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on Tuesday night that killed at least 41 people and wounded more than 230. Turkish officials say three suicide bombers, likely from the Islamic State (ISIS) group, blew themselves up after opening fire. The attack is the latest in a series of bombings to strike Turkey in recent months, which have strained tourism and hurt the economy.


Hillary ClintonElection News

Hillary Clinton engaged with millennials in the first ever Digital Content Creators Town Hall. On Tuesday, over 90 Vine and Youtube stars––including Swoozie, Jennxpenn and Cassey Ho––gathered to ask Clinton questions on a variety of topics including immigration, education, and climate change. The influencers also crowdsourced questions from their followers on social media. While Clinton has been praised for her social media presence, this was the first time she met with influencers #IRL.

Olympics Update

Always inspires girls to stay passionate about sports, timely with the upcoming Olympics, in their most recent campaign. In their most recent ‘Always Confidence & Puberty Survey’, Always found that half the girls surveyed will have stopped participating in athletics by the end of puberty. In the run-up to the Rio Olympics, Always wants to counter this trend and inspire girls to keep diving wholeheartedly into sports. Their new campaign “Keep Playing” shows several strong-willed female athletes and has also tapped U.S. Soccer pro and Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan to share her story for the campaign.