Instagram Master Shares Tips for Brands at Social Media Week


Image Courtesy: Punchstock


“Not all social media platforms are created equally.”

That statement – made by WIRED’s head of strategic initiatives, Melanie Altarescu – was among the many key takeaways gleaned from this year’s Social Media Week.

Altrescu, joined by Patrick Janelle, executive director of New York’s Spring Street Social Society, discussed this topic (and more) during their session, “Custom Content: How Publishers and Instagrammers are Leading Campaigns for Brands.”

When it comes to speaking about success on Instagram, few are as qualified as Janelle, who has attracted some 341,000 followers. In discussion, he offered some sage advice to others hoping to make the most of their efforts on the platform. Followed are five summations of the points he shared:

  1. Treat Instagram as though it were your visual diary; have a story, make it personal and use captions to connect it to your images; Janelle feeds his “diary” 2 to 3 times a day.
  2. The risk of creating a disjointed presence is high on Instagram, so pick a focus and stick with it.
  3. Use your feed to bring others into your world; be inspirational, transportive; create a scene that’s easy for others to imagine.
  4. Don’t be afraid to edit; even photos shot on mobile devices can require some “fixing;” Janelle uses several editing apps (including Snapseed, VSCO Cam and Afterlight) before posting.

In closing, Altarescu noted that brands would do well work with others who’ve mastered Instagram, citing brands like Park Hyatt (who maintains several city-based feeds) and Victorinox as winners in the space.

We can think of a few others… share yours in the comments below!