Hive Five: October 5, 2016

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trend spotters share their top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social and cultural trends to watch.

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Vans are everywhere.

Vans have had a huge week – on Monday, the brand released a new Vans X Toy Story line that had moms, kids, and millennials “Buzzing.” This closely followed the company’s release of the Vanchetta Tan pack, which capitalizes on a growing sentiment of nostalgia with styles like the “Vans Era” and “Vans Old Skool” shoe. By diversifying their product lines and then launching multiple campaigns simultaneously, Vans has spurred coverage that appeals to all audiences – all at once.





describe yourself

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Three Fictional Characters

Last week, social media was filled with more familiar faces than usual, as users shared the three movie or television characters they would use to describe themselves. This trend not only plays into the larger movement toward social channel personalization, but also ties back to nostalgia – for example, we saw millennials reference favorite childhood characters, from Arthur to the Smurfs and Clarissa Explains It All.




david ortiz

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Are You Planning for Retirement?

When David Ortiz played his last baseball game, he was gifted the exact Orioles dugout phone that he destroyed after being ejected from a game against the team three years ago. This is the continuation of the ceremonial gift giving trend during a superstar athlete’s retirement tour, first popularized by Derek Jeter. With so many brands touching professional sports either directly or tangentially, it’s important for marketers to view an athlete’s eventual retirement as a chance for future media opportunities. The moral of the story is one we’re all familiar with: Start planning for retirement early.


Message mapping

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Messaging Mapping for Your Brand

We know that it’s important for marketers to create a social strategy, but what about a Messaging App strategy? Business Insider recently found that Messaging Apps, like GroupMe and WeChat, have surpassed social networks in their number of monthly active users; they also revealed that chat apps tended to have higher retention and usage rates than most other mobile apps. Though brands have already begun leveraging these apps, often by using bots to answer consumer’s questions, marketers that focus only on social networks may be missing an opportunity to connect with users.


Some Robots

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SciFi Meets Reality

2001: A Space Odyssey, iRobot and many other science fiction classics have been around for years. Now, the robot-studded “Westworld” is on the horizon to become HBO’s new Game of Thrones. Donald Trump is playing on fear of “The Cyber” and Elon Musk is talking about colonizing Mars. As the line between fantasy and reality becomes more blurred, it’s becoming harder to differentiate fact vs. fiction. As the fear of singularity grows nearer, marketers will need to consider the importance of human interactions – particularly in an age where our relationships are becoming increasingly digitalized.