The Hive Five: June 30, 2016

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trendsensors share their top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social and cultural trends to watch. 

miami fashion weekMiami is emerging as America’s Next Fashion City

Miami, previously known as a hub for garment manufacturing, is now emerging as a leader in the fashion industry. With Miami Swim Week, Art Basel and several designers moving their headquarters to the city, we are seeing a new fashion market emerge. Miami’s Design District is becoming a major player for luxury stores including Hermès, Dior, and Louis Vuitton and Miami Dade College is launching the Miami Fashion Institute this fall.



yublTeach Me How To Yubl

Yubl is the newest teen messaging app that launched in February and has landed in the top 20 social media apps in just a few months. On Yubl, users can scroll through images with interactive buttons that let users cast a vote, see a location, or follow a link. The platform offers new features to brands including shoppable links and ways to message users for customer service. Brands such as Red Bull, ASOS, and Primark are already using Yubl with verified accounts.




VR content is now being generated from Tumblr blogs. While the quality of the graphics aren’t groundbreaking, it goes to show the potential light VR has to enhance user experience. It is being used in ways that make it more flexible and accessible – VR doesn’t have to be a huge production or immersive experience to be an effective tool for marketers.




 E-Sports is the New Sports

E-Sports is becoming a huge phenomenon in the gaming world. According to estimates by SuperData Research, more than 70 million people worldwide watch e-sports. Sports are transcending typical league play and expanding into this new digital frontier, with actual consumers being the “athlete.”

Through this new opportunity, brands can connect athletes and teams with other consumers, provide customized in-game experiences, offer demos and more.


skin discoverySlick Discovery

Just as soap products stick to the interior of their bottle, unwanted bacteria can stick to catheters, biosensors, and drug delivery devices in the body. That’s why researchers think a new technology designed for shampoo bottles has the potential to make these medical devices safer for patients by using it as coating in order to repel the microorganisms that can lead to infections.