The Hive Five: July 26, 2016

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trendsensors share their top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social and cultural trends to watch.

Men like to sample tooMen Like to Sample Too

Sampling opportunities for men have been on the rise as many are looking to try sample sizes of grooming, fashion, fitness and lifestyle products before committing to purchase. Birchbox Man has been around for a while but now there’s Bespoke Post, The Personal Barber, Bombfell and many others. It’s not just about taking female sampling programs and rebranding them “for men” anymore. We are seeing sampling programs that have been created and developed entirely for men alone. The men’s grooming industry is expected to bring in $21MM alone in 2016.


Say it without saying itSay It Without Saying It

Content from celebrity spokespeople with limited brand messaging has proven highly engaging. Selena Gomez’s most-liked Instagram ever from the Share a Coke campaign had quick, unbranded copy. Talking about a brand in a more authentic way allows for a louder voice than if it was simply a brand message.




Rise of the PANKThe rise of the PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids)

Jennifer Aniston made waves when she wrote a strongly worded op-ed on the Huffington post, saying that she was “fed up” with the constant media speculation about whether or not she’s pregnant. A week later, the Post published “The most undervalued women in America are childless aunts.” The article recognized the prominence of PANKS in today’s society with 48% of women of fertile age childless. It also added that the average PANK spends $387 on each child in her life, each year. This goes to show the strong marketing value of PANKS.





#LoveWall has taken over Instagram. Influencers, consumers and even brands are posting photos of the popular street art/graffiti walls filled with colorful hearts. These popular walls throughout NYC and California are designed by street artist jgoldcrown, and have inspired a similar wall in Washington D.C., so popular that Michelle Obama instagrammed it! Brands like Laura Mercier have already taken advantage of the popular trend by instagramming their products in front of it and using the hashtag to gain momentum among fans. Sometimes it’s as simple as colorful, meaningful art that brings people together – and creates the perfect Instagram backdrop.



Pokemon GonePokémon Gone

Nintendo shares plummeted when investors realized the profits were not likely to be as high as expected. The amount of users has declined as well as the buzz and engagement surrounding the game. However, the question that still remains is what role will augmented reality play in the future? Pokémon Go may not be here to stay but many believe augmented reality is just getting started.