Hive Five: August 2, 2016

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trendsensors share their top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social and cultural trends to watch.

Gen Z salesThe Rise of the Gen Z Celebrity Flash Sale

With flash sale sites on the decline comes the rise of the celebrity social media flash sale. Kylie Jenner announced KyShadow on Snapchat and it sold out in one minute to ravenous Gen Z fans – having an exclusive product endorsed by their favorite celeb is a new shiny trophy to show friends. Even with mass brands, limiting inventory creates a rush to buy the product.





punny-patchesPunny Patches and Pins

Millennials love a quick and easy way to customize their favorite look – patches and pins are popping up from their favorite designers and shops as a way to show their sense of humor and make a look their own. Designer Rachel Antonoff is collaborating on a collection with Archie Comics that incorporates 50s era patches, while entire boutiques have been sprouting up in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Venice, California.  Shake Shack even collaborated with Pintrill on hamburger and french-fry pins. Patches and pins are easy, punny and have a throwback 90s feel.  Humor and wit are always in fashion, especially with the younger generation.


Actors as creative directorsActors as Creative Directors

It’s common to see an actor starring in a national ad spot but it’s not as common for the actor to be the brain behind the content. Wild Turkey recently announced Matthew McConaughey as “Chief Storyteller” for the brand. McConaughey will both star in its new campaign and direct it. Examples like this go to show that it’s not just the story of the brand or product in the content anymore. Brands are starting to share the story behind the story.



Pop Up MuseumsPop-up Museums

Pop up shops are stepping it up and taking the experience to the next level with pop-up museums. At the sold-out Museum of Ice Cream, multiple ice cream brands and creameries are partnering for the ultra-Instagrammable summer experience. Last year, Glade sponsored the Museum of Feelings and, last fall, Refinery29 hosted 29 Rooms, an art and fashion funhouse with a five-hour line to get in. Whether branded or unbranded, these pop-up Museums have been an Instagrammable, share-worthy experience for fans of all categories.




Vanessa CarltonVanessa Carlton Singing

DeMar DeRozan and DeMarcus Cousins captured some of their teammates breaking into song on their way to compete in the Rio Olympics. The video of Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving playing an imaginary keyboard and singing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” on the plane went viral. The story has since been covered by sports and entertainment media from ESPN and Yahoo! Sports to Vanity Fair and E! Online. The popularity of this video shows that genuine moments where celebrities “break character” are equal parts entertaining and out of the ordinary: a recipe for viral content.