The Hive Five: August 16, 2016

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trendsensors share their top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social and cultural trends to watch.

Virtual RealityNow Affordable: VR Technology

GoPro has announced its new virtual reality rig and software for creating amazing experiences – at a relatively affordable cost. VR experiences are getting more and more feasible for brands, allowing them to take advantage of these trends. With 360-degree coverage of events, enhanced behind-the-scenes experiences and limitless possibilities, this new GoPro content creator could be the right solution to many brands’ VR cravings.

Snapchat RioOlympic Snapchat Stories Bring New Fans

As the Olympics look to curate a new group of Gen Z fans, it’s expanding its presence beyond the television set to mediums the generation is more familiar with. NBC hired a team of 16 content creators and curators from Buzzfeed to design content and develop Snapchat stories covering individual sports from the perspective of cameras, coaches, athletes and audiences. With Gen Z’s limited attention span, the creation of 360-degree experiences through Snapchat – along with targeted advertising in between Olympic clips – has proven to be successful.

Bullet JournalsBullet Journals

Bullet journals have risen in popularity, despite their layers of complexity, as a visual way to track to-do lists and calendars. Unlike a numbered list on paper or pre-made calendar grid, the bullet journal forces you to do more than just write: It requires charts and symbols, and leaves room for illustrations and color-coding and other forms of productive creativity. A search for #bulletjournal or #bujo on Instagram yields tons of results from obsessees. According to NY Mag’s “Science of Us,” bullet journal is appealing because it makes it easy to accomplish “externalizing your memory.” Most people can only pay attention to three or four things at a time — and transferring your to-dos frees up space for other, more immediate needs. The key is the mix of deliberate activities and more mindless ones, which help give your mind a break to be productive later.

Cupping TherapyWhat’s with Cupping Therapy?

Sports continue to permeate into the pop culture landscape in both traditional and social media. Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative Chinese medicine dating back to 3000 B.C. that treats athletic pains. When everyone first saw the cupping marks on Michael Phelps, interest was widespread. Consumers had no idea what the marks were and as expected, took to the Internet and social media to find out. Google Trends reported a 2,100% spike in searches for “circles on Michael Phelps” and speculation was widespread on Twitter. Simultaneously, media from E! News and ELLE to ESPN started talking about it, showing the topic is relevant to both lifestyle and sports media.

Millennials are getting oldMillennials are getting old

From adulting to Pokemon Go, millennials are missing their youth – They are even missing the pixelated computer graphics from 1990’s technology. The Instagram for Win95 project by a Russian artist was created to show the juxtaposition of what 90’s kids thought was cool vs. what kids think of as cool today. Millennials are experiencing an overwhelming amount of this funny new feeling of nostalgia and they are emotionally connected to the technology/entertainment they grew up with. Brands that focus on a millennial target audience have a great opportunity to see success if they can tap into this ongoing trend.