Five for Friday

Good morning, all, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five for Friday!

In the wake of a new product announcement (and the release of an updated operating system), weeding through our feeds for stories that weren’t “Apple-related” was challenging for sure. That said, we landed on a handful of tasty nuggets – we hope you enjoy them:   

Despite growing concerns over productivity, privacy and their professional futures, a new study of journalists in the UK has found that more than 25% are “unable to work” without access to Social Media. Using Forrester Research’s Technographics Ladder as a basis for comparison, the study also revealed that journalists’ personal use of Social Media differs from that of the general user: journalists are far more active and play a key role in Social Media through content creation and networking. Their turn-to platform? Twitter… (Source: Cision).

Spurred on by the public’s increased reliance on ratings and reviews found online, a new report published by Gartner, Inc. predicts that some companies may soon opt to pay for positive “user-generated” feedback. By 2014, they say, between 10-to-15% of all Social Media reviews will be paid-for, resulting in at least two Fortune 500 Brands facing litigation from the Federal Trade Commission… (Source: Gartner, Inc.).

Now that they’ve piqued the interests of enough retailers and local merchants, Facebook will begin charging them to run Offers. Launched earlier this year, Facebook Offers allows businesses to push deals directly into the News Feeds of their fans. In the coming weeks, the Network will require vendors to pay at least $5 on related ads to promote each Offer to a targeted audience of fans and friends of fans. The exact cost will vary depending on the size of a Company’s fanbase. Kinda smart – let’s see if it sticks… (Source: Reuters).

English comedian Ricky Gervais is backing Just Sayin’, a new app that lets users share audio messages and listen in while celebrities chat with one another. Gervais, who’s signed on as “Creative Director,” sees tons of promise in a Social Network that based on the spoken-word: it has the potential, he says, of being more personal and more human. We think it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “fly on the wall” and hope it takes off… (Source: | PopWatch).

Businesses who use Twitter saw an upgrade to their Profile pages this week as a look and feel somewhat reminiscent of Facebook was rolled out. Designed to give users more control over how they present themselves to consumers, the move suggests that Twitter’s monetization strategies are converging with Facebook’s. According to one expert, “both companies are influencing each other in their attempt to find a sustainable way to use their massive, attention-grabbing digital networks to make money from users.” Will followers buy in or move on to the next “Big Thing?” Only time will tell… (Source: CNET | News).

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