Five for Friday

Happy Friday Star Wars Day, everyone, and welcome to Five for Friday! Our RSS feeds were glowing hotter than a lightsaber this week – lots of Social Media news to share! Followed are a few of the headlines that caught our eye:

A near majority of consumers – 93%, in fact – believe that companies fail to exceed their customer service expectations. According to American Express’ updated Global Customer Service Barometer, businesses would do well to over-service those who use Social Media to resolve issues: not only are these individuals more vocal when sharing their experiences, but they spend 21% more on Brands who deliver… (Source: American Express).

Before a committee of industry representatives, White House VIPs and members of the U.S. Senate, the Federal Bureau of Investigation put forth a controversial proposal that would require companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Google to alter their code to ensure it’s “wiretap-friendly.” If approved, services affected would include Social Networking, VoIP, Instant Messaging and Web-based e-mail… (Source: CNET).

The results of a new study show that in-store messaging plays a significant role in driving impulse buys and impacting Brand decisions, particularly among Moms. Data shared by SymphonyIRI suggests that these consumers are more likely to be influenced by in-store kiosks (53%), signs or displays (68%) and in-store circulars (30%). Other high-ranking factors included product packaging, discounts offered through shopper loyalty cards and coupons downloaded from retailer or couponing websites (70%), manufacturer websites (65%) and Social Media channels (49%)… (Source: SymphonyIRI).

With so many companies focusing on eCommerce these days, it’s so important to know that the iPad accounts for nearly two-thirds of all mobile shopping sessions, and an impressive 89% of all mobile shopping revenue. With mobile’s share of total retail climbing to 4.6% in March 2012 (from 1.9% in April 2011), this means that the Apple’s game-changing device now accounts for more than 4% of total retail revenue… (Source: RichRelevance).

On Thursday, Facebook made a new feature available to local businesses: Facebook Offers. A self-serve tool that allows for the free and simple creation of downloadable coupons that can be shared via a Brand’s News Feed, Offers was first announced at the fMC back in February. In the time since, it’s been in private testing with a select group. Now open to all, Facebook is hoping Offers takes off for at least two reasons: (1.) it will prove that the Network has the power to drive fans to physical locations, and (2.) it will encourage Brands to spend more on Facebook advertising… (Source: Facebook).

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