Facebook Pushes App Update; Challenges Twitter’s Vine

Facebook just pushed an update to its iOS app last night that seems to set the stage for a different kind of battle with Twitter (you can check it out here).

Limited to iPad/iPhone users (for the moment, anyway), the update lets users share voice messages with friends. It also lets them record and share video from right within the App (take that Vine!).

Facebook users have had the ability to send voice messages within “Messenger” for quite some time; this update pulls that this function over to the main App in a way that’s super-simple to use:

–        Tap the “+” button under the “Messages” tab

–        Click “Record” and hold the button to capture your message

–        Release to automatically send (or slide your finger off the button to cancel)

Along with these new functions, Facebook has also improved “Places” support on the App’s “Nearby” tab. This will allow users to “Check-in” with a bit more accuracy – what great news for retailers!

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