The New Facebook News Feed

A new look for Facebook’s News Feed has already begun to roll out. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this latest enhancement is meant to deliver a more consistent experience to mobile, tablet and desktop users while giving rise to the “best personalized newspaper in the world.” The most significant aspect of the makeover is the ability to organize content by category using multiple News Feeds. These include “News Feed,” “Music,” “All Friends,” “Photos,” “Most Recent,” “Games,” “Close Friends” and “Following.” Facebook’s engineers believe this will help reduce clutter. Facebook has also “broadened the creative canvas” for publishers by giving its template a bold new look that’s driven by images.

This is a visual redesign limited to the News Feed and does not appear to affect the way marketer’s updates get pushed to fans. Further, these changes will not impact Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank.

As we await our own hands-on test, here are three key takeaways:

1.       By introducing multiple Feeds, Facebook seems bent on creating a more dynamic environment to encourage users to spend more on its Network.

2.       By giving Status Updates, Ads and Sponsored Stories a visual boost, Facebook has given marketers a bigger canvas to work in. More space means more opportunities to integrate images in everything we do.

3.       By making the user experience more consistent across all platforms – mobile, tablet and desktop – Facebook has reduced our concerns over how content gets surfaced to our audiences.

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