Facebook Changing News Feed to Include Content-Specific Filters

The next round of changes to Facebook’s News Feed are expected to be unveiled at a press event tomorrow. When it debuted in 2006, the feature was met with mixed response. A lot has changed at the Network in the time since, and now, perhaps motivated by monetization, the News Feed is primed for what could be a significant overhaul.

When pressed for details, our contacts at Facebook remained typically tight-lipped. That said, we – along with a slew of reporters – have jumped into the speculative swirl: will we see a new set of feeds that organize content by category? Makes sense now that Graph Search is viable. Will photos play a larger role in weighing our Posts and ads? Facebook’s continued integration of Instagram might suggest so. And what about music? Apart from their integration of Spotify, the Network has allegedly been working on a product to rival iTunes.

Regardless of what they reveal, we can be certain of one thing: Facebook’s ongoing evolution is driven by the feedback they receive from the individuals who make up their Community, their end-users. Simplifying their experience – while getting them to spend more time on the Network – is (still) their primary goal.

As members of that Community (and as marketers who manage brands on the platform), we’re excited to see what the Facebook’s engineers have up their sleeves. To that end, we’ll be tracking this story very closely and will have more to share as the story unfolds.


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