Exploring the New Reality of the Changing Marketing Landscape at Social Media Week

In numerous sessions related to platforms, performance, and even people, addressing the radical shifts in marketing seems to have emerged as a common theme at this year’s Social Media Week.

Braving the bluster of February in New York, Mashable’s Jason Abbruzzese led three panelists – Maker Studios’ Pauline Malcolm, Smirnoff’s Matt Bruhn and Added Value’s Jonathan Hall – through a discussion that explored the ways in which marketers can navigate this new reality.


Image Courtesy: Robert J. Ricci

Image Courtesy: Robert J. Ricci

Given that every great campaign starts with a great story, Bruhn reminded attendees to never lose sight of the human desire to have a positive experience. For Smirnoff, he said, this means steering clear of channels and conversations unless a clear reason to enter and engage exists. Because disruption can result in spoiling the platform experience for the end-user, Bruhn admitted to challenging his peers and partners to “see things through the eyes of the consumer first” and always looks for “reasons why we should be there.”

That sense of relevance, coupled with the demand for authenticity, is especially important it you’re tasked with reaching a younger audience, shared Malcolm. “People want to see themselves in those creators, that content.” In agreement, Hall added that more brands should look to the likes of Red Bull, who he described as a “media company that happens to sell an energy drink.”

In conclusion, Abbruzzese asked his participants to weigh in on what they perceived as “the future.”

For Bruhn, it’s about building teams and experiences driven by organic content; for Malcolm, influence, and how creators are the new A-list; and for Hall, an opportunity to explore new arenas (like Snapchat and messaging apps), but only if it’s a win-win for both brand and target.