Digital Trend Update: September 16, 2016

News Of Note

No More Offensive Comments

Instagram is rolling out a comment filter feature. This week the platform announced all Instagram users will have the option to create a list of keywords that can be used to filter out comments that they do not want to see. For example, if someone is being abused on the site by people using a certain term, that person can add that term to their personal blacklist. Taylor Swift was among the users who tested out the feature before its public introduction in light of her Instagram account flooded with the snake emojis after a public fallout with Kim Kardashian West.

bloomingdalesSnapchat Scavenger Hunts

Inspired by Pokémon Go, brands are joining the movement by sending fans on Snapchat scavenger hunts. Delta, Bloomingdale’s, Adidas, and the Baltimore Ravens are just a few of many that have taken this trend and made it their own. For example, Bloomingdale’s launched a nationwide in-store scavenger hunt sweepstakes using specialized Snapchat geofilters, and for three days consumers took selfies with the hidden filters and direct messaged the photos to Bloomingdale’s to win prizes like gift cards and fall merchandise. Snapchat scavenger hunts connect with consumers in a creative, customizable, and engaging way.


This week Facebook, Save the Children, and Johnson & Johnson teamed up to launch HumanKind— four videos that highlight the lives of refugees currently living in Tempelhof, Germany. The goal of this program is to inspire & empower people to get involved by featuring small glimpses into the lives of the more than 34,000 people who are displaced per day – and then a direct call to action to get involved via Save the Children. Regular videos will show in Canvas units on newsfeeds this month, but 3D videos will debut in October.

Just for Fun…



This toaster will brand your bread however you want it to

Toasteroid is the first ever app-controlled toaster to hit the market. How does it work? You simply draw whatever image you would like to appear on your toast on your smartphone, the app sends the image to the toaster, and the toaster aligns to toast your bread in that design. The app also stores a full collection of emojis and information, like the date and weather, to engrain on your toast if you’re not feeling creative enough to draw your own. The perfect addition to any kitchen, as it is perfect for anyone from kids to clients.