Digital Trend Update: Feb. 10, 2017

News of Note:

Twitter trollsTwitter Promises to Silence Trolls 

Twitter is taking new steps to clean up conversations — a move that could provide relief to marketers who are often under siege on the platform. On Tuesday, Twitter said it would redouble efforts to clamp down on the most offensive users. It plans to better identify abusive users and prevent them from creating new accounts. In other Twitter news, the platform is testing video views count, a feature that may be available to all consumers soon.


facebook safetyFacebook Adds Community Help Feature to Safety Check to Help Folks in Crisis

Facebook launched Safety Check in 2014 to help people inform friends and loved ones that they were safe following natural disasters and other crises. On Wednesday, Facebook added a new feature to Safety Check called Community Help. As its name suggests, the feature is meant to help people in need request assistance after a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, or to make it simpler for the people who can lend a hand provide food, shelter or other assistance. Facebook is initially launching Community Help in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia.

facebook protestsFacebook Messenger Bot helps Users find Local Protests

Facebook launched WeBot: A Facebook Messenger Bot that lets you easily find protests in your city — no scrambling or tedious searching required. Facebook users can message WeBot and click “Get Started.” It will ask you for your location and then culls anti-Trump Facebook events in your area and matches you with nearby protests, letting you view and join the events and share them on your own timeline. The bot will also alert you when new protests pop up. “After the Muslim ban took effect, people’s outrage led them to unify in the streets,” said Logan Bernard, cofounder of WeBot, “We saw this firsthand in NYC, and wanted to keep this rush of unifying energy going. We felt we could contribute by creating a bot that helps people get organized.”

google maps environmental damageCourt Orders a Unique use of Google Maps; To use Images for Assessing Environmental Damage

The Bombay High Court is putting Google Maps to unique use. Old and new map images will be compared to assess the environmental damage caused by real estate development in Mumbai. The court was hearing public litigations against various construction projects that are allegedly encroaching upon mangroves and wetlands around the city. Using Google Maps’ photos for this comparison is a unique and inventive way for the court to handle this growing problem.


Just for Fun:

viral teddyTeddy gets left behind at airport, goes viral on Facebook

Ireland’s Cork Airport shared a post about the pink cuddly travel companion over the weekend with hope to find its owners. The post went viral, ultimately getting over 1,000 shares on social media. His owner, two-year-old Anna who is living in Amsterdam, has been found thanks to Teddy’s story making headlines across the world.