Feb 26, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

Facebook’s “Like” button just became much more complex! Users can now choose a variety of “reactions” to pieces of content on the channel, including Haha, Angry, Sad, Wow and Love.  Each reaction comes with an animated emoji and will be separated at the top of the post for easy viewing.  According to AP, “The feature is expected to evolve over time, and Facebook may add or change choices based on feedback.” As the feature gains traction, it will be interesting to learn how Reactions will play a role in Facebook’s wide variety of analytics and reporting metrics, how it affects the platform’s overall algorithm, and whether Reactions need to be considered within engagement or sentiment KPIs for future campaigns.

Instagram may be changing the way “Likes” are displayed.  The company is testing a new feature that displays all likes as numbers, as opposed to showing usernames for photos with fewer than 11 likes.  This change may sound small but will likely impact the perception of the app to younger users.  According to Mashable, “Achieving 11 likes is of often perceived as an important milestone for each Instagram post so changing the way the app shows likes could have a big impact.”

Snapchat has rolled out “On-Demand Geofilter,” allowing consumers to create and publish a geofilter for personalized events.  Consumers can create a filter, pick a geofence which details the time and dates the geofilter will be available, and purchase the filter starting at $5.  This roll-out is currently available in the US, UK and Canada.

TIME explained the spread of the Zika virus in 3 GIFs to make the information more digestible for consumers.  The GIFs explain the process of a mosquito acquiring the disease, spreading it to a healthy person and finally, the way it spreads between humans.

Companies are beginning to offer employees access to wellness apps in order to improve overall health and productivity.  For example, Zipongo is a small digital start-up that helps employees navigate a company’s cafeteria menu to determine the healthiest choices.  Companies such as Google, Virgin Pulse, Blue Cross Blue Shield and IBM offer Zipongo to employees and have noted that the technology helps minimize sick days and cut health care costs.

Just for fun…

Need a better way to stalk your crush or see the world through your favorite celebrity’s eyes?Being is a new iPhone app that allows you to scroll through Instagram as if you are another user.  According to Seventeen, “Once you select an account to view, the app replicates the account’s follows, so you’ll be able to view any public content the selected user would see if they opened Instagram.”

Facebook announced that iOS users will soon be able to sing “Happy Birthday” to their friends across the platform.  Beginning Monday, iOS users will be able to record 15-second videos that can be shared on a friend’s timeline.  The user can accompany the video with various birthday-themed frames.  According to Mashable, “The birthday video feature is a part of the company’s latest effort to bring more personalization to Facebook.”