January 14, 2016 Digital Trend Update

Advertising Age outlined the three major ecosystem changes that marketers should expect in 2016: Media proliferation, social personalization and advertising frustration. The article notes that marketers will need to become specialist generalists who can work seamlessly across the paid, earned and owned pillars.

The opening night of the TED2016 conference will be shown in select theaters on February 15th. This is a test-and-learn for the highly successful, non-profit broadcast company, which receives millions of views daily worldwide.

According to StyleCaster, 20 health insiders predicted the next big things in fitness, including high-fat diets, tech active wear, acrobatics and hover boards!

Peach is the newest social media messaging app on the market. The app was created by Vine co-founder, Dom Hoffman, functioning as a hybrid of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The app revolves around a newsfeed in which consumers can share multimedia content in the form of status updates. This free app functions through a series of “20 magic words,” that when used will respond to the consumer’s request. For example, typing “here” will send your friends your current location.

Mashable reported on the new iOS 9.3 feature, which will make reading at night easier on consumers’ eyes. The “Night Shift” feature changes the colors of the light emitted by iPhones and iPads based on the time of day.

The Facebook mentions app has launched for Androids. The app, which launched in 2014 for iOS users, “lets public figures with verified profiles broadcast live videos, interact with followers, track trending stories and more.” The app was previously limited to select influencers, but can now be accessed across all mobile devices.

Snapchat is bridging the gap between vanishing content and big advertising business by teaming up with data firms to develop measurement capabilities. This will help the platform take a step toward becoming a digital advertising platform.