February 5, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

Facebook turned 12 and shows off personalized ‘Friends Day’ videos. The social network is marking the milestone, ‘Friends Day’, with a new personalized video feature that weaves together memories with friends into sharable clips. Facebook says people should see the videos at the top of their News Feeds by Thursday, with the option to select ‘watch yours’.

Ad Age revealed “Three Best Practices for Branded Video in 2016”.  The best practices include producing entertaining and share-worthy content, opt-in media offering consumer choice and pursue share of attention as the core KPI.  These learnings are designed from the realization that brands can no longer rely on heavy volume of content on Facebook and YouTube to garner loyal viewers.

Digiday released a study showing that millennials find user generated content (UGC) to be 20% more influential on their purchase decisions.  Due to this, Offerpop found that 76% of marketers plan to increase their usage of UGC as a marketing tactic in 2016.  Digiday is now offering a “Definitive Guide to User Generated Content” to be downloaded by marketers for more information to help drive ROI.

How much is a tweet worth? According to Mashable, Doritos will give away $50,000 during the Super Bowl for the most compelling three tweets that use #Doritos and #entry.  The Frito-Lay brand will award $50,000 to the top text-based, image-based and video-based tweets during the game as part of their Crash the Super Bowl campaign.  The company will announce the winning tweets on Monday and believe “the cash incentive will entice football fans to flood the Twittersphere with enough branded tweets to make the cost of the reward worth it.”

CNN announced 10 tips to help kids sleep, including turning their bedrooms into a “no-connection zone.” Scientists and sleep pathologists recommend confining online activity to common areas of the house and refraining from keeping devices near a bed.  Studies show that the blue light emitted from laptops and smartphones greatly inhibits sleep patterns.

Just for fun…

Your valentine may be a tap or a swipe away! The New York Times published an article regarding the top dating apps to use in time for Valentine’s Day.  Tinder and OK Cupid’s mobile app are included on the list as well as Bumble and Happn.  Both Bumble and Happn are free for iOS users and utilize location tracking to determine when you’re near another user.  Bumble is also unique because it requires female users to “make the first move.”