January 29, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

Twitter allows for longer videos! The social channel has rolled out longer video options for businesses. Twitter began offering 6-second pre-roll ad videos in 2014 as part of the Amplify ad program; however, the length of the video is now being expanded to 30 seconds, allowing brands to better convey messaging. This feature comes with an “immediate skip option,” which would allow consumers to exit the advertisement at any point. This is the second recent change to the social channel, which is currently working to expand its signature character limit from 140-10,000 characters.

Facebook is finally bringing live streaming to everyone. The new feature, which Facebook is calling “live” now appears in the “update status’ menu next to the check-in pin that allows you to share your location. Similar to Periscope, you can begin a live stream with a brief description, and once you’re live, viewers can comment on streams in real time. When finished, you have to option to save the video and share it on your timeline.

Facebook’s iOS app will now feature 3D Touch actions for iPhone 6S users. According to Mashable, the network is rolling out a series of “Peek and Pop” 3D actions that will help consumers preview content on their newsfeed without leaving the page. Facebook says the update will begin to roll out this week and become more widely available in the coming months. Here’s a quick Vine of what 3D Touch looks like. Pressing lightly on a profile, link, Page or photo will trigger a preview of the content while pressing harder will open the link, photo or profile.

Blizzard Jonas was the topic of conversation last weekend, leading to a substantial amount of branded content. According to Mashable, brands such as Dairy Queen, Netflix and Delta Airlines took advantage of the storm to push their campaigns. The branded content received a whirlwind of positive engagement mixed with commentary noting that weather hazards should not be capitalized on by brands.

#MindfulAllies is a weeklong social initiative hosted by Glenn Close, with the support of Mashable. Close will discuss her personal struggle with mental illness and how these vast diseases impact real people. According to Mashable, “#MindfulAllies highlights real stories from people who experience mental illness. They are speaking out to educate people and end stigma around mental health.” The series will run from 1/25-1/31.

Just for fun…

Ever need an excuse to get out of an awkward first date or uncomfortable family dinner? Chelsea Handler’s app for iPhones, Gotta Go, makes well-timed, customized excuses that are triggered when the app is opened. Consumers can save the name of the contact to call or text you and the time the message should be received to create a convincing exit plan for any situation.