January 21, 2016 Digital Trend Update

According to DIGIDAY, cinemagraphs will become the most popular form of media for brands to utilize. Cinemagraphs are glossy photos with subtle, isolated sections of movement that can be described as ‘amped-up versions of GIFS’. The brands who have “tested cinemagraphs in the most compelling ways” include Heineken, Stuart Weitzman, Dreyer’s, Toyota and Coca-Cola.

MM&M reports that pharma companies are turning to LinkedIn to engage stakeholder groups. Some of the largest pharmaceutical companies have a higher following on LinkedIn than other social platforms. For example, Johnson & Johnson has one million LinkedIn followers versus 195K on Facebook and Novartis has 794K LinkedIn followers versus 121K on Facebook.

WhatsApp announced that it will drop its subscription fee, making the service free to consumers. The app will also eliminate third-party ads over the next few weeks as they have caused the most complaints among users. This is an interesting update as social channels continue to diminish the presence of advertisements.

RIP AOL? The iconic web source may be changing its name after being purchased by Verizon less than a year ago. AOL’s CMO Allie Kline said, “People still associate its legacy image with email addresses and dial-up Internet, rather than a robust tech and media company.” When asked about the new name, Kline recommended to “expect the unexpected.”