Depend and the Great American Try-On

Depend and the Great American Try-On

Repositioning incontinence from the bathroom to the forefront of pop culture


To launch the biggest innovation from Depend in years, new adult diapers with an underwear-like look and feel that are far superior to existing products, MMC was challenged with creating a program so category busting that consumers and media would rethink their deep-rooted impression of incontinence. And to get our target to realize for themselves how revolutionary (and worth the premium price) the product was, we had to get them to try Depend on.


The Depend target, consumers defiant about aging, are turned off by diapers and their connection to old people. We couldn’t move them by just telling them the new Depend products were like underwear. Research showed that we had to get people to try the revolutionary difference of Depend for themselves. Once they did, they LOVED IT.


Dramatize the new Depend difference through “The Great American Try On,” a program that amazed and delighted news media and made the campaign “talkworthy.” We engaged an actress known for her curves and hunky football players – who don’t need the products – to try them on and demonstrate how underwear-like the fit really is.

  • Actress Lisa Rinna wore Depend Silhouette briefs under a figure-hugging designer dress on the Red Carpet. Pro football stars Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers), DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys) and Wes Welker (New England Patriots), wore Depend Real Fit briefs on the football field under their uniforms
  • Incentivize participation by partnering with charities related to confidence (Dress for Success) and prostate cancer, a leading cause of bladder control issues (The V Foundation)., These partnerships and their missions were close to the celebrities’ hearts and made messaging more authentic

Target a broad swath of media, including marketing, entertainment, lifestyle and sports media, to ensure extensive coverage and encourage consumers to go to the website to request samples and try the fit for themselves


Record sales! Depend regained its category leadership. Both sales and share increased significantly

One of the most successful sampling initiatives in Depend and K-C history! Sampling requests increased 720% vs. sample requests for a new product launch a year prior.

Record number of website visits! Over a million to date; nearly 350,000 on the GATO page

The most successful Depend media launch ever! More than 1.1 billion earned media impressions helped decrease taboos and transform Depend from relative obscurity to the forefront of popular culture. Coverage included TODAY, New York Times, People, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, “Conan,” ESPN, NFL Network

  • Almost 70% of coverage included key product message: “look, fit and feel just like real underwear”
  • For the first time in history, incontinence was a trending topic on twitter
Depend and the Great American Try-On