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MMC Wins Two Gold MarCom Awards


Image Courtesy: MarCom

MMC has been honored with two MarCom awards both for clients in its Health & Well-Being practice.  For Merck for Mothers, the agency received a Gold MarCom for its Facebook page. The Depend team also won a Gold Marcom in the media relations category for the launch of the Drop Your Pants for Underwareness program.

The programs were selected from 6,500 entries from the United States, Canada and 15 other countries by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, which administers and judges the awards.


SheKnows Acquisition of BlogHer: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Marketing to Women


Elisa Camahort Page and the BlogHer team pose with the SheKnows team.

(Image Courtesy: SheKnows)

The two single most powerful sources of influence in reaching women online have now come together as a combined force in marketing to women. SheKnows, the undisputed leader in online beauty fashion and lifestyle has unsurpassed authority in reaching the female consumer across all age groups. BlogHer, on the other hand, has from its inception, been the leader in bringing female influencers together as a powerful block. Together they will reach 75.3 million un-duplicated unique, almost all female, visitors per month.  Linking SheKnows Media’s 500 Experts with BlogHer’s distributed network of 20,000-plus social media influencers creates an unprecedented force in reaching women both through the authority of editorial expertise and the close emotional connection created through blogging.

The joint company now reaches 147.4 million social media fans, which also potentially unleashes a new force in content creation and sharing that will create a unique opportunity for brands to reach an exponentially larger audience of women both through user-generated and sponsored content.

We sat down today with BlogHer cofounder Elisa Camahort Page at the MMC offices to find out what we  can expect from this new marketing to women superpower:

Q: Elisa, this has been quite a journey for you, how did it come about and what does it mean for you as a female entrepreneur?

When BlogHer was “founded,” we were just going to start a conference. We weren’t planning to start a company. It was an accidental business/company so to speak. From there we grew and had more conversations over the years.

When Lisa [Stone, cofounder of BlogHer] first met with Phillip [Guelton, CEO of SheKnows], she was taken with how much he got what we do. It was a puzzle piece that fit into what they do. We’re really the two biggest indie networks. SheKnows has key attributes that we can benefit from and vice versa. They have amazing owned-and-operated sites with tremendous reach. We have a distributed social firm that’s massive and reaches everywhere into the women’s web. We have a technology platform that allows us to manage the results of the activity and monitor, measure, report, and make predictions for what’s next in our community. Bringing that all together was like putting puzzle pieces together, and creating one super power network. It made a ton of sense for both companies.

What type of impact do you feel this has on the power of women and the women’s voices in the marketplace?

We’re both obviously women-focused and we reach more women than ever. It speaks to the power of women as influencers and consumers, in that we’re coming together and forming the #1 most influential women’s network. Hopefully this creates more opportunity for women to do their work and get their voice heard, and leverage BlogHer as a platform – whether that’s for their livelihood or promotion of their passion projects.

What are the implications for marketers to women?

It allows you to get more done in one place. It’s not only having the large reach and owned-and-operated sites, but it provides a distributed social network and the social amplification on the destination sites, more opportunity for video, as well as more opportunity to integrate conference and live events. When you’re trying to land a deal, we can now make guarantees for engagement by using historical data to make guarantees about the outcomes of different campaigns with different levels of participation with different levels of influencers.

Will this change BlogHer’s community at all and the fundamental content verticals and conferences?

I’m hoping it brings more firepower to the conferences and opportunities to film and share them. With their video capabilities, especially with StyleCaster on their site, we can take things to the next level. For example, we’ve done a fashion show twice before this and it’s been very grass roots. Their video skills and commitment to design and aesthetic, as well as focus on style and beauty, are all areas that will help the conference be a little hotter and a little more beautiful.

And of course I’m excited for BlogHer 2015 in New York next summer! The last time we were here Obama opened the conference, and Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, and Christy Turlington Burns all spoke on the main stage. New York brings a certain “je ne se quoi” that gets you a lot of exciting stuff.

How has the BlogHer community been reacting?

It’s been overwhelmingly positive. Our ethos has always been to help all boats rise and bloggers of all sizes are welcome in our community and network. When you “walk the walk” for enough years, you get a little karma in return. People are happy for you to succeed, as well as to see this come to fruition. We’ve been working on this for a very long time and we’ve seen a lot of wonderful messages come from the community. I mean… I don’t want to talk about too much; I might get a little choked up… It’s been so nice.

What are your next steps?  

The very first teams to integrate will be sales and marketing. We’ve got this brand new, broadened portfolio of opportunities, so we want to position it well and get out to the market. A lot of things will operate as it has been with and It’s about where can we integrate opportunity towards a path of ultimately integrating everything. It’s starting with finding a way to position everything to the customer that both sites provide together, along with StyleCaster and their family of sites.

Is the end goal to integrate them completely?  

Ultimately SheKnows Media is the umbrella company for all these brands, which will be an integrated offering and integrated opportunity. What that means for the individual brand names and how they evolve and change, I don’t think we are there yet. BlogHer is still a property of this broader media company, as is StyleCaster and That’s where we are today. We are integrating our offerings and we’ll see where it goes.

What are you most excited about with this partnership?

Lisa and I used to jokingly say world domination [laughs]. I’m most excited about surveying the landscape of what we now offer vs. what other companies offer. The mission has always been to help women achieve their goals. There are a lot of different kinds of goals and we want to help them do want they want by providing more opportunities, paths, and channels to achieve that. That’s really exciting.

MMC’s Susan Bean Outlines New Paradigm for Brand Communication at Holmes Global Summit


Susan Bean, EVP of MMC’s Creative Catalyst Group, moderated a panel at the 2014 Holmes Global Summit proclaiming that content, delivered through earned media, is now at the center of brand communication, and laid out a future where strategic use of paid media will amplify earned.


Her opening remarks for the panel, which included Jeff Pyatt from Outbrain and Olivia Herron from Curalate, are below:


The topic of our panel today is the “Hidden Power of Earned”. So let’s start with a fundamental question: What does “earned” mean in today’s world? What are the opportunities for our discipline in a media landscape where earning the consumer’s attention is increasingly the ONLY way to reach them.


Now, earning attention for the companies and brands we represent has always been at the heart of what we do in PR. Our legacy core competency has always been to look at the story a client has to tell and consider the value proposition for all of the possible messengers of that story, to create the context where the brand’s story becomes relevant. The other area in which we’ve always excelled is navigating, and frankly manipulating a complicated media landscape.


So when you consider the splintering of the media landscape in the past 20 years with the decline in the power of push advertising, where all media has essentially become permission based media…that’s a world in which we should WIN.


After all, it’s certainly not a world in which our friends in advertising naturally thrive. They’ve never had to create a context in which their messages earn people’s attention. And let’s face it, consumers have become experts in how to avoid advertising; they time shift past it. They customize everything they see to avoid it and no matter what mechanism the media buyers come up with next, they will figure out a way to get to that little red X to avoid content they don’t want to see. But earned content is the content they’ve opted into…the conversation they want to be a part of.


Earned storytelling also creates its own distribution engine. Because earned media – by its nature – travels on the power of what’s interesting to people. Yet, if we’re honest, we all know that PR is still struggling to claim its rightful place in the new media landscape.


And that’s what we want to address in this panel. That we are in a fundamentally DIFFERENT business than we were 10 years ago…even five years ago: we are now in the direct-to-consumer communication business.

So we need to become the creators of the earned content people engage with and experts in navigating an INTEGRATED media landscape, in which content, social, influencer…and yes, traditional media all create an echo chamber that uses multiple channels to create a shift in belief. A world where, instead of being the “amplifier” of advertising, earned media is at the center of brand communication and we are the masters of a new media universe in which strategic use of paid media… amplifies earned.



PR News Recognizes Two Members of the MMC Team

PR News

Image Courtesy: PR News

Two members of the MMC team have been named PR People Awards Finalists by PR News.

Amber Meredith, Deputy Director, Consumer Group, is a finalist for Agency Account Manager of the Year.  Meredith’s expertise is in strategic and creative brand building as well as her strong client management skills.  Recognized as an insightful collaborative leader on integrated agency teams, she has a passion for developing high-impact brand programs with paid, earned, owned and shared components that drive business results and deliver ROI.

Ronna Waldman, Vice President, Media Specialist, is a Media Relations Professional of the Year finalist.  With a background in national broadcast television, Waldman possesses a strong knowledge of the kind of stories and assets media require.  She marries these insights to client programs to create strong messaging with inherent news value.

Both Meredith and Waldman will be honored at PR News’ PR People Awards Luncheon in Washington, D.C.


MMC Ranked as a Top 10 Creative Agency

Holmes ReportImage Courtesy: The Holmes Report

MMC has been ranked in the Top 10 of The Holmes Report 2014 Global Creative Index.

Candidates are decided based off of The Global Creative Index, which analyzes entries and winners from twenty-five other PR programs worldwide.  The scores are then weighed via the Holmes Report formula.  The ranking also takes into consideration each agency’s staff size.  The Global Creative Index creates a “points per head” calculation which helps identify the most creative PR agencies in the world.

The 2014 ranking is the third annual analysis of creative excellence in the PR industry.

The Holmes Report stated, “The organizations and firms featured here should be commended for their commitment to breakthrough thinking.  Ultimately, we hope that this report, in particular the work it showcases, helps to elevate and inspire.”

To read more about The Holmes Report 2014 Global Creative Ranking, visit

MMC Will Sponsor the Holmes Global Summit

PR Summit Banner

MMC is sponsoring a panel at the Holmes Global Summit on October 29th on The Hidden Power of Earned.  The panel will explore how earned has become an engine that is the new catalyst exploding the power of social, traditional, and online media. The panel is moderated by Susan Bean, EVP of MMC’s Creative Catalyst Group with Jeff Pyatt, Head of Global PR and DR Initiatives at Outbrain and Olivia Herron, VP of Brand Strategy for Curalate, who each bring different perspectives to how people discover and engage with content online.

MMC Acquires Omnicom Healthcare Communications Firm Rx Mosaic

Marina Maher Communications (MMC) today announced it has acquired Rx Mosaic, an Omnicom healthcare communications agency with an expertise in specialty pharmaceutical brands. Rx Mosaic will remain independent as a complementary specialty division of MMC.


Diana Littman Paige, executive vice president of MMC’s Health & Well-Being practice, adds oversight of Rx Mosaic to her current responsibilities. Michele Schimmel, a 20-year healthcare communications veteran and managing director of MMC’s Health & Well-Being practice has assumed day-to-day management of the specialty agency.

MMC Health & Well-Being which celebrates 10 years of growth in 2014, makes health and medicine relevant to patients, physicians and other healthcare influencers by bringing together the best of two key disciplines: expertise in consumer marketing and grounding in scientific and industry knowledge. It has consistently been recognized by clients and the industry for expertise in brand building through awards including Healthcare Campaign of the Year by PRWeek (2013) and Healthcare Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report (2012).

“Our partnership with Rx Mosaic will benefit clients at both agencies,” said Littman Paige. “MMC clients will benefit from Rx Mosaic’s high-science approach to communications and experience in advanced medical therapies. “And Rx Mosaic clients will have access to broader resources, including MMC specialists in health and consumer lifestyle marketing, creative services, strategy and insights, experiential events and social and mainstream media.

Littman Paige said she and Schimmel will work with Rx Mosaic to develop the same best practices in leadership, client management and talent development that have been key to success at MMC.

Rx Mosaic, with expertise in science communications, advocacy, social media, issues and brand marketing, serves clients including Teva Pharmaceuticals, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc., Eisai and Pfizer.




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