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Marketing to Women Experts Discuss How to Turn Tough Topics into Trending Topics At 11th Annual Marketing to Women Conference


Women naturally share so many intimate details about their lives with their friends. So it shouldn’t be that hard for marketers of products like deodorant, adult incontinence briefs, vaginal lubricants, and financial investments to get women talking about them, right?

Actually, there are a whole set of brands that women don’t want to talk about with anyone:  not with their friends, their mothers, even the professionals who can best help them.

Marketing to women experts shared how to break through to women on tough topics like these at the 11th annual Marketing to Women conference in Chicago. The panel, “Turning Tough Topics into Trending Topics: Learnings from Masters of Marketing to Women,” concluded that there is no such thing as a tough topic; the only tough part is finding a way to connect with women so that they will open up.

Diana Littman Paige, MMC’s EVP, Consumer Lifestyle & Health, moderated the panel, which included Marina Buatti, VP, Women Investors Initiative for Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments and Bruno Alves, Senior Brand Manager, Marketing, at Reckitt Benckiser.

The panel agreed on five essentials for engaging women around tough topics:

  • Listen closely: research must uncover the emotional triggers that get women to open up
  • Speak in her language: using words that she uses to have these conversations
  • Show her she’s not the only one… so it’s okay to talk to others: women who cope with personal issues often feel they’re in it alone.  Showing her how many others face similar issues gives her permission to open up. And both panelists agreed that women share experiences on tough topics because they feel they are helping other women.
  • Talk with her; not at her: Brands that join women’s organic conversations are more successful at getting women to engage.
  • Give her a reason to share… and reward her when she does. Brand advocates love to be the first to share brand news with their friends.  So brands that give her content she’ll want to share and keep her in the know will encourage her to talk about them.

Turning tough topics into trending topics is a win-win for brands and women.  By engaging women on tough topics, brands encourage them to seek solutions for issues that might have otherwise been ignored, panelists concluded.

MMC’s Diana Littman Paige to Host Panel on “Turning Tough Topics into Trending Topics” at Marketing to Women Conference

Diana Littman Paige, MMC’s EVP, Consumer Lifestyle & Health, will moderate the panel, “Turning Tough Topics into Trending Topics: Learnings from Masters of Marketing to Women” at the 11th annual Marketing to Women conference in Chicago. The panel is scheduled for April 22 at 9:30 a.m.

Portraits for Marina Maher Communications

Panelists include Marina Buatti, VP, Women Investors Initiative for Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments and Bruno Alves, Senior Brand Manager, Marketing, at Reckitt Benckiser.  Together, the panel will explore how smart marketers can create inescapable campaigns to engage women around topics we’d all rather ignore.  Brands that confront tough topics head-on, the way women do, have made great strides in building relationships that educate, foster conversations and turn brands into friends that she wants to introduce to all of her other friends. These topics include adult incontinence, vaginal dryness and even personal finances –a subject women deemed “too personal” to discuss with family and friends, according to a recent survey.

The Marketing to Women (M2W) Conference, the world’s premier conference on marketing to women, is designed to help businesses learn how to increase their emotional, cognitive and financial share of the powerful, dominant women’s market.  M2W will be held in Chicago on April 21st and 22nd.

Did you know: Women control over $20 Trillion in world-wide spending, and $7 Trillion in U.S. spending, yet 91% of women said in a survey that they feel advertisers don’t understand them?

To read more about the M2W Conference, visit:

Are PR Generalists Resurging? MMC’s Diana Littman Paige Weighs In

Portraits for Marina Maher Communications

MMC’s Diana Littman Paige, EVP of Consumer Lifestyle & Health was quoted today in a Holmes Report article examining whether the emerging preference for specialists in communications agencies (creatives, digital strategists and data analysts) has led to the demise of generalists.

The upshot?  Generalists are thriving, but re-inventing themselves.  “The world is moving towards specialists. But generalists are redefining themselves as marketers and orchestrators.” notes Littman-Paige.

Adds Arun Sudhaman from Holmes, “Rather than the coffee-making caricature that has sometimes bedeviled account ‘suits’, think of today’s client servicing stars as the connective tissue that enables agencies to shine, while managing complex client relationships.”


You can read the full article here.

MMC and Ketchum Win PRWeek Global Campaign of the Year for Procter & Gamble

Image Courtesy: Procter & Gamble

With accolades from judges like, “This program is the most memorable campaign from the Olympics,” MMK (MMC and Ketchum) were awarded PRWeek Global Campaign of the Year for its support of the Procter & Gamble Thank You Mom Campaign at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

P&G realized that behind every athlete who worked to earn a spot at the Olympic Games, there is a mom who was integral to their success.  So, for every sponsored athlete, P&G would also champion their mom at the P&G Family Home, which was the epicenter of content creation for the company’s social media properties and served as home away from home for athletes and their families.

The results greatly exceeded expectations. Broadcast placements in target-rich consumer media brought the company’s brands to life at the Games as the CPG giant garnered 25 billion impressions and 146 million digital views globally.

P&G enjoyed a 38% Twitter engagement rate during the Sochi Olympics, as well as a 25% uptick in followers on social media across all brands.

Moreover, consumers identified relatively new Olympic sponsor P&G as one of the top two to four sponsors – lagging only behind longtime partners Visa, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola – depending on the region.

A terrific effort,” noted a second judge. “What better way to endear a company to its primary purchaser than giving thanks to moms.”

Suzanne Haber in PM 360: The Art and Science of Successful Celebrity Brand Ambassador Campaigns


Suzanne Haber, MMC’s Chief of Media Innovations, discusses the art and science of how to enlist the right celebrity for a pharmaceutical campaign in the March supplement of PM 360.

Suzanne maintains that while celebrity brand ambassadors have long been controversial, marketers have learned from their experiences and become more savvy about how best to engage them.  Done well, she says, these campaigns can foster a strong emotional connection between patients and your brand.

She discusses key criteria marketers should assess, including the celebrity’s passion for the topic, size of their social graph, authenticity, mediability and cost and concludes with some thoughts on new trends on “celebrity” influencers.  Some of today’s biggest influencers are not necessarily movie stars or musicians. They are bloggers, YouTube stars and Instagrammers with a large online following who also demand far less to promote a brand. Already heavily engaged with consumer brands, Suzanne wonders whether they could become the next celebrities for pharmaceutical brands as well.

Smart CEO on Content Marketing, Featuring Susan Bean


MMC’s Creative Catalyst Group EVP, Susan Bean, is featured in this month’s Smart CEO in an article about building consumer trust through content marketing.  Susan notes that unlike traditional advertising, sharable content has the ability to build your brand into one that consumers trust.  She stresses the importance of not only understanding your target, but what your target has questions about so you can provide answers through the content you share.

MMC Helps to #MakeItHappen in Honor of International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day this Sunday, March 8, MMC is partnering with all Omnicom agencies to celebrate this year’s theme of #MakeItHappen.

With education for women as the key #makeithappen focus, MMC has pledged to sponsor one young woman’s education through our ongoing partnership with She’s the First, which sponsors girls’ education in the developing world. As part of the OmniWomen community, MMC CEO Marina Maher posted a blog today on MMC’s website, sharing advice with the next generation of professional women.

MMCers will be rounding out the week with a documentary viewing party of Sundance Film Festival nominee “Miss Representation” – recognizing the challenges of the media’s portrayal of powerful women, a highly relevant topic.

Check out MMCers coming together below in the International Women’s Day signature purple color to show their spirit and support for women to #MakeItHappen.


Be sure to check out @MMCTweets for a look at the agency’s activities in honor of International Women’s Day and follow the #OmniWomenSupports conversation to see what our partner agencies are doing in support of this day.



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